Building With Mud 6-Day Workshop (Moe, Victoria, Australia, February 2014)

I wrote recently about the Earthship workshop that I’m organising and participating in this coming December, as part of the ecovillage project which I’ve written about here. I’m happy to say that I’ve also just locked in a 6-day mud building workshop in February next year, with the amazingly talented and creative Kate from the Mudmob Natural Building Collective. She’s just the best, and has constructed many a fine mud house in her time, as well as various other muddy works of art. The workshop is taking place near Moe, Victoria, about 1hr 30mins from Melbourne.

Do you want to learn how to build with mud? Here’s your chance! There are limited spaces, so if you’re interested, don’t hesitate to make contact via email address in the poster below, where more details are available. It’s gonna be fun! We’re going to build something similar to the ‘pod’ you see in the featured image above.

Samuel Alexander

Dr Samuel Alexander is a lecturer and researcher at the University of Melbourne, Australia, teaching a course called ‘Consumerism and the Growth Economy: Critical Interdisciplinary Perspectives’ as part of the Master of Environment.


    1. Hi Iris, please make contact with Kate via the email in the poster if you’re interested in attending. She’ll be able to discuss payment details with you.

      Samuel Alexander

  1. Hi Samuel ,
    I would love to do this course but currently am unable to take the time off to do so . Could you please keep on emailing me and let me know as courses become availiable . I live in Maryborough Vic and so want a place to call home in the bush but close to town .

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