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Dam Building Time Lapse (New Zealand)

by Jon Foote

A short video of the development of the dam at the ReScape Resilience Education Centre, Dunedin, New Zealand. Here is all the dam and swale building in one video. Time lapse shot from start to finish.

See local mainstream media report on the project here.


  1. I see the overflow pipes are just straight pipes, instead of swivel pipes with a bend in it. I saw a video of Sepp Holzer in which he explained the difference between the two: swivel pipes never get blocked, a risk that can take out the whole dam in one flooding. Any thoughts on that?

    1. Hi Koen. The swivel pipes were added later to the two lower pipes. They are about 40cm long so also give me quite a bit of flexibility to adjust the water level too. In this design I have 3 levels of overflow with the last being a 6 meter wide level spillway.
      Cheers Fraser.

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