Wendell Berry on His Hopes for Humanity

When men and women have lived long and sincerely with respect to each other and our natural world, their wisdom can be refreshing and inspiring. At 80 years of age, Wendell Berry is one of those people. This documentary, featuring a rare public interview with the man, is challenging and inspiring, humorous and hopeful… worthy of reflection by those who care for the Earth and who enjoy the practice of permaculture.


  1. Wow, tears in my eyes about everything this wise man has said. I especially love the part about the preciousness of precious things being understood in passing.

  2. Joel, Geoff & Fattah… I have watched this again just now myself. There is more to be found with each viewing I find. Inspirational. Thanks for the things that you do, because they are the right things to do”!

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