Mainstream Media Strategy – a Summary

An image you’ll never see broadcast on CNN

Will the day ever come where the mainstream media actually serves humanity, and not just plutocratic interests?


  1. My wife works in a mainstream media company.
    Strange as it seems, most decision makers there actually believe they’re “serving the people”. That’s simply because they don’t have the remotest clue about who “the people” are, or whattheir “service” is supposed to be. They just follow the statistics, and what their “important” (a.k.a. “respectable”, “rich”) friends tell them.
    It’s actually sad to see the gargantuan ignorance these “rich” people posess. And it’s not even a lack of intelligence or empathy, it’s just a genuine, deep ignorance, stemming from the fact that they lived their entire lives in an entirely different reality.

  2. I prefer the good news to be found on this website! As Mollison would say, turn the bad news found in the daily paper into good news by starting a no dig garden! I look forward to when the news return to concerns about local issues which is as it used to be and those sorts of village topics would usually revolve around discussion about the solutions needed for that day.

  3. Any dictator would admire the uniformity and obedience of the U.S. media. – Noam Chomsky

    A dozen or so families are the power blocks behind the media, making for one-sided reporting, while Governments are increasingly becoming security and surveillance orientated.

    Currently, as the global money and ecological crises increases, the pendulum is swinging away from democracy and human rights (enhancing the problem) and not towards it (enhancing the solution).

    Governments are acting less and less in the interest and according to the wishes and opinions of its voters.

    Instead, a self protecting supra-structure to democracy has been established between Corporations and Governments.

    Democracy today is comparable to powder milk being declared free, fair and real milk.

    It also seems that there is an inertia build into the power-partnership between Corporation and Government that is becoming ever further removed from real solutions as it continues on its ideologically mad path; instead of reforming, the partnership chooses to make its enemy the people and their planet while the middle class dies and other morbid symptoms appear.

    This extraordinary destructive supra-structure thing knows that resistance is a matter of time. How long can a Thing get away with fabricated wars, bailouts of the too big to fails, future generations cumbered with responsibility of today’s expediencies, ponzi money, greater inequality than the 1920’s, etc.,etc. while the mathematical correlation between revolution and wheat price is well established ever since the French Revolution – as the recent Arab Spring reminds. Today, the makings of global breakdown includes peak oil, overpopulation, ecological degradation and global climate tipping points (due to CO2).

    This Thing knows resistance is brewing and its preparing to fight to the death of All rather that reform itself. Deep down though, it must know its own death is eminent.

    The Thing may be feeding its masses the blue pill news, but everyday more and more people are choosing the red pill. Choosing out of this propagated and falsified reality that we read about in the newspapers of our world.

    The irony of increased surveillance and control of information in the Age of Information, or more accurately, the Information Revolution, is apparent. The Things resistance is futile and merely a symptom of where we are at – early stage information revolution. Knowledge is power. Power is change.

    Maybe I am having a bad hair day, ranting on as I am doing, but I do believe that we are standing on the threshold of the birth of the new while the old, to borrow again from Gramsci, is dying.

    We have to create the future that we would like to live and give to others. This is how its always been and we are returning to being human.

    Viva Permaclture, Viva!

  4. Cute image! I think it is good news that someone(s) did this, cross-pollinating critical thinking and claiming public space for sharing ideas (be it with paint or plants), not just billboards selling stuff.

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