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Soil, not Dirt – Dr Elaine Ingham Talks Soil Microbiology

Dr. Elaine Ingham talks about soil fertility and the role of soil microbial life.

Dr. Ingham is a world-renowned soil biologist who pioneered many of the currently used biological soil amendment techniques and pioneered the testing of soil microbial life as an indicator of soil and plant health. Dr. Ingham is the Chief Scientist at the Rodale Institute. She is the founder of the Sustainable Studies Institute and the Soil Foodweb Inc. soil testing labs. Dr. Ingham is the key author of the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture’s Soil Biology Primer. She has been the mentor of numerous soil scientists and practitioners of ecologically balanced landscape design, and has helped farmers all over the world to grow more resilient crops by understanding and improving their soil life.


  1. This video really touched me and I feel that this information has to spread out and become a common sense! I am thinking about translating it into Estonian (subtitles maybe), so that it could be understood in my country as well. Thank you very much for sharing this! It is just what I need – to find more information and inspiration about soil!

  2. Good presentation. I support the principles but would question some of the details. We really do need to change the way we grow our food for the health of the environment and our own health. I would like to add that farmers need to make enough income so they can afford to change to a better system.

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