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The Planet Fund: Crowdfunding the Restoration of our Environment and Communities

The Planet Fund is the first online global fundraiser created to assist projects the world over with the regeneration of our environment and communities.

The Planet Fund has developed an entity of action — where we have the power to act globally as well as locally.

We have developed this platform to address the need for rapid and widespread assistance to projects, people and communities all over the world.

We have been told it’s too late. That the damage is irreversible. That there is to be an ongoing rise in disastrous events on the planet in all areas of life; environmentally, socially and economically. Climate change, over population, water contamination, food shortages and increasing desertification — just to name a few of the catastrophes on our doorstep. The Planet Fund started due to seeing firsthand the incredible results from innovative techniques being applied today, the world over, that are addressing the issues of climate change, food security, large-scale land restoration, farmers getting their farms back, carbon sequestration, rapid soil building, biodiversity increase — you name it. We have solutions to our problems. But many of the solutions have a problem; lack of funding. This has been an obstacle for too long.

The Planet Fund has decided to turn this problem into a solution — a global crowdfunding / fundraising platform assisting toward action. We now all have the ability to act whether it be on the ground, in the communities or with our finances.

TPF was born from being continually inspired and motivated to help but feeling overwhelmed at what needed to be done — frustration that so many innovative methods were not supported financially toward people and communities fully committed to making their world and ours a healthier place. We needed a platform where those people ready, willing and able to implement these projects and who need funding can show the world what they’re doing and inspire others to get involved by donating. Not only are we then aware of the huge amount of hope and great people out there, we can fully participate in making these visions of a better world a reality. Yes, there are organisations with similar goals but they are scattered all over the place and normally take a lot of the funds to pay their administrative needs. We need a one stop center where people with a diverse range of skills, knowledge and tools can come together, in one place, to work together in getting the world back into shape. That place is The Planet Fund.

The Planet, and the people helping to restore it, need funding. Now. Those inspired to help, want to help. Now.

We have a format where funding and donations go straight to those on the ground who are taking action to restore our world. Now. You know who’s getting your donation. You know what they are doing and you have full choice in the matter by selecting the campaigns you feel most passionately about. You feel empowered knowing that your donation is going into action, on the ground, getting done and not being wasted on administration, meetings and other trivial pursuits.

We have a format that if you have a project, you have a chance for the world to know about it. Share your passions and infect others with the desire to help. You will not only have the chance to make it happen — you will inspire others to help and feel connected. You have the freedom to create this for yourself. We have created the platform for you to make it happen. You are in control.

What if I don’t have a project but only an idea?

We absolutely encourage you to use this platform to get your thoughts into an action-based project. We hope that everyone can get involved. We especially hope that ‘dreamers’ will become ‘doers’.

If lack of funds has been the cause to never get anything off the ground — you now have no excuse not to act. We’re here to encourage everyone into action!

Projects can be small or massive. We consider all applications and very much look forward to seeing all the inspiring work going on all over the world.

You do not need to enter a project competition, or apply through endless departments in hope of approval — you simply get your project up there and let the world know what you’re doing.

After many months we are now live and registrations are coming in. We are in our infancy but we are dedicated to making this a huge step in the action of the widespread restoration of our environment and communities.


  1. Alot happens behind the seen in Bougainville in regard locals doing things for themselves while the gov’t district managers and so called sector heads lack. Capacity and will power to leave their comfortable office chairs to visit local communities to visit them and initiate environment emchanching livilihood projects. Treeplanting. Fishponds n prawn and my local ngo group live and work with communitied and we have roadsite womens market pprojects and eco tourism community projects
    With regular financial suppott.we need help.

  2. Thanks for the comments.

    Lisa – doesn’t matter, as long as people are out there doing something! Our platform is a little broader but WeTheTrees are awesome. Getting funded and getting into action restoring the planet in whatever capacity is the goal.

    Ben – please feel free to set up a campaign. We’ve set this up knowing that people all over the world are facing these issues. There’s help!

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