Permaculture Playing Cards

54 cards, each packed with permaculture information. People, plants, ideas, animals, techniques…. Each card represents many hours of arguing over the tiniest details.

One of the questions we are asked repeatedly is "How do you tell people what permaculture is?" If you give them a book, they might look at a few pictures. If you send them a link to something they tend to save it for later. The idea of the deck of cards is that they might browse it like a book — but this is all pictures and just a few words. Much easier to browse, and hopefully convey a bigger picture in a smaller package.

When you are bonkers about permaculture, your friends and family tend to think you are crazy … if only there were a way to help them understand your passion better … while at the same time resolving your winter gift giving obligations.

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Paul Wheaton

Paul Wheaton is the tyrannical dictator of, the largest permaculture forum on the web. As a certified master gardener and permaculture designer, he's built an empire around what he calls, 'infecting brains with permaculture'. His forums are full of rich information, and there are a number of great free resources, guides, and articles that can be found on his sister site, as well. Most recently, he has worked with rocket mass heater experts Ernie and Erica in developing a 4 DVD set on all things rocket science, and has built a following around his World Domination Gardening DVDs, which detail how to use hugelkultur, swales, and natural ponds to capture and utilize water without irrigation. His recent work with natural buildings based on Mike Oehler's designs have resulted in the creation of the Wofati, a semi underground natural home design. Currently, Paul continues to run his internet empire, and is now offering several opportunities for people to learn and experience permaculture at his property in western Montana, where he offers PDCs, workshops, living arrangements, and even resort stays.


  1. Frank – I’d like to know that too! Very few women are celebrated as permaculturists but there are plenty out there – in fact we make up the majority of classes.

  2. Who are the two jokers is a more interesting question (assuming that this is a traditional 54 card deck)?

  3. I would just like to comment on a few things. First, you really should have David Holmgren as one of the faces on a card.

    Please be careful with the info about plants, for instance, black locust has certain virtues but it is also a rampant, invasive, thorny plant.

    Some of the entries on cards that I could see are worded rather clumsily and confusingly.

    Otherwise, it is an interesting idea; I wish you success.

  4. Great idea! Anything that can help mainstream Permaculture is good. Getting people to talk about Permaculture in the check out lines at stores is good. This is possibly one of Paul’s better ideas.

    So, Bravo to the Permaculture cards and mainstreaming Permaculture.

    One question? Who is going to vett the information on the cards so misinformation is not spread inadvertently that could confuse the public and harm the people in the trenches?

  5. Electric tractors??????????????? Lots of unsustainable technology. Lots of energy used in their production. Tractors are a curse on the land. Permies or not, there will be many who use them to rip into Mother Earth.

    Where’s David? Where’s Emilia?

    A cute diversion.

  6. The concept is good. The pictures look nice. But…

    The omission of David is odd, I still don’t understand why this happens. It instantly makes me feel oppositional, where I might not have been before – I feel it supports a certain permacultural faction. I would be further disappointed if I saw the so called 4th ethic appear on the cards.

    Are the Principles and Ethics there somewhere?

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