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New Allan Savory Podcast and Free Webinar

We are getting pretty excited about welcoming Allan Savory to Australia in a couple of weeks to enliven a discussion about how Holistic Management can play a key role in our future land regeneration strategies.

In anticipation of his upcoming Aussie tour, Allan just recorded a podcast over at The Wellness Couch. It’s great to see the concepts of Holistic Management getting discussed in forums beyond straight-up agriculture, because, after all, ‘if you eat, you’re involved’….

Click play below to hear the podcast:

Holistic Approach to Restoring our the Health of our Land our Planet

Allan Savory also just did an interview with Dr. Ron of The Good Doctors, about Holistic Management and how we can regenerate landscapes pro-actively while sinking huge amounts of carbon into the soil for long-term sequestration.

Also, the National Landcare Facilitator Project has organised a free webinar with Allan on the 14th August which you should definitely sign up to be a part of.

This will be a chance to listen to Allan for 45 minutes followed by questions, as well as a chance to connect with folks from all over Australia who are listening in too.

You can sign up for the Allan Savory webinar on the 14th August here.

And of course, it also goes without saying that we’d love to see you at one of the Allan Savory events we’re co-hosting in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne in mid August, 2013. Time to get inspired and participate in some solution-based thinking for this planet of ours, for sure.

The National Landcare Facilitator Project are also the brilliant mob that got behind our Allan Savory tour as a sponsor, which pretty much enabled RegenAG and Milkwood to close our eyes and take the plunge with organising a three-city tour with Allan.

So if you see them at one of our events (or anywhere else), make sure you give them a big high-five for helping make all this good knowledge transfer possible.

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  1. Great point about “If you eat, you’re involved!” Holistic decision making allows you to make socially, financially and environmentally sound decisions – whether you own land or livestock. With your vote and food dollar you can make large scale change. We have run two very successful TAFE Holistic Management courses for city based folks and have more lined up for Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

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