We the Tiny House People (Video)

What does it mean to have a house? What defines a home? Is there an appropriate size or should there be a legal amount of space per inhabitant? What is enough or too much?

Our Western education teaches us to own a house at all costs, to move away from our parents and build our own nest. But it seems that the so-called trees are lacking and that the branches are becoming more costly than ever before. With our current exponential population growth, by the time we reach 1 trillion happy homo sapiens (if we ever do), we will be left with a 12m x 12m patch of ground on which to live on, grow food on, and poop on. That’s half a tennis court!

Granted, we might not reach this number anytime soon, but we can definitely rethink our living spaces… now!

The Tiny House Movement is still gaining ground as more and more people are racking their brains on how to live a hobbit life. Resources to build your own tiny house are mushrooming on the internet and make this transition a much easier one.

This is when permaculture becomes a powerful tool. With such small houses, it is crucial to create another efficient zoning system within your zone 0. It is practicality pushed to its maximum.

In the documentary above, Kirsten Dirksen takes us on a journey into the tiny homes of people searching for simplicity, self-sufficiency, and happiness by creating shelters in caves, converted garages, trailers, tool sheds, river boats and former pigeon coops.

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  1. Sorry was not able to open and play video will look for it on youtube.

    I am in the process together with some like minded friends are expanding on this scheme with individual shelters as shown in photo ,with centralized communal cooking, meeting and activity spaces ,kitchen garden etc but still having a v small refuge to do as we individually want.
    Wish us luck lol

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