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Creating the Alternative Tour – Intro

by Mo Lohre & William Redwine


“Creating the Alternative” is a movement dedicated to creating a regenerative lifestyle and sharing the process with everybody, freely! We think shrinking our environmental footprint is not enough. We don’t just want to be less abusive to our Earth, we want to be a positive, creative influence on her. By aligning morality, biomimicry, permaculture, and appropriate technology, we believe we can manifest a more balanced and connected world.

So, we have embarked on a tour to learn the when, where, why, what, and hows of living regeneratively. But first, we wouldn’t be living up to our goal of regeneration if we were doing this tour in a gas-guzzling, pollution-emitting vehicle, now would we? That is where the Soltrekker comes into play. It is a Solar/Veggie-Oil/Hydrogen powered RV made of repurposed materials fully equipped with a compost toilet and a filtered rainwater catchment system. With that, we were able to begin the tour while still staying true to the mission and our values. We’ve been able to travel to real world initiatives and experiments that are happening at alternative living institutes, universities, ecovillages, permaculture centers, social justice non-profits, backyard initiatives… well really anywhere that is creating a regenerative future.

And if you want to contribute to the tour click, you can do so here.

In the next post we’ll share what we saw on our first stop!

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