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Companion Planting Chart

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  1. Do you have science to support this theory? I’ve been told that it’s an old time garden myth. I can’t seem to find any supporting research so I don’t know what to think. Seeing as how you are a Research Institute, can you lead us to some documentation? Thanks!

  2. Hi Stacy, you can read my findings of my five year (and ongoing) proof of concept/demonstration urban food forest research project (in the following PRI articles:

    I’ve included a short article on my website to explain how it works –

    It definitely works, it’s not anecdote or folklore, that’s the line you normally hear from people who practise conventional gardening and have never tested out companion planting.

    Stefan, thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for the information. I managed to download and print some of the posters. Others are not available for printing, but maybe in the future. Very educational. Plus the videos were really interesting, even when I live in Minnesota.

  3. Here is a recent scientific paper reporting on research into signalling modalities between plant species which create beneficial symbiotic relationships between them:

    “Love thy neighbour: facilitation through an alternative signalling modality in plants”, Monica Gagliano and Michael Renton, BMC Ecology, 2013.

    Their research is entirely consistent with Permaculture advice on plant guilds and companion planting. That’s no surprise really, since the technique works so well in practice, as anyone can prove for themselves.

  4. I will never cease to be astonished at how thousands of years of trial and observation are so easily dismissed by “modern science” types. Great chart Afristar. Thank you PRI. I printed one up for my greenhouse potting shed.

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