No-Nonsense Marketing for Permies, Farmers and Earth Repair Entrepreneurs (Podcast)

by Rob Avis

I recently had the opportunity to interview my friend Tad Hargrave from Marketing for Hippies in Edmonton, Alberta. Verge has been hosting Tad’s workshops in Calgary, Edmonton and Central Alberta for the past few years now, and we’ve benefited greatly from his coaching services too.

We share a similar vision with Tad: we see the importance of showing people how to thrive in earth repair businesses. A lot of our students want to follow their dreams, quit their 9-5 jobs, and work for themselves full-time doing the things they love — but they don’t know how to communicate what they do, and attract clients to engage their services, talents or products.

In this interview, Tad and I talk about some of the most important, simple and no-nonsense marketing strategies you need to do regardless of whether you are just starting out or if you have been at it for a while. Take a listen, let us know what you think.

Click play below to hear the interview!

Rob Avis interviews Tad Hargrave

Here’s are some great free resources from Tad:


  1. Enjoyed it and referred it to friends!

    Wish that the audio coming from Tad’s side had been clearer. Also that Tad would speak a bit more slowly and enunciate a little more clearly – there were times that I could have sworn he was chewing on socks as he spoke! LOL.

    Looking over his website now – lots of cool stuff – much of it free.

  2. Thanks Rob and Tad for a great interview. I’m glad to hear that I am already following some of your methods for getting a permaculture related business up and running! I really enjoyed your point of view on being authentic and reasons why this is a big factor in driving your success. Many thanks for the useful resources also posted. Cheers guys!

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