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The PRI Announces a Groundbreaking Global Partnership

Editor’s Note: Recent discussions on this site have encouraged us to take this bold and exciting new step. Read on to find out more!

The PRI are very happy to announce a game changing partnership. Continually looking for ways to spread its brand of permaculture to the mainstream, the PRI has been tirelessly working on strategic partnerships to extend its influence. Such an amazing opportunity has just been struck between The PRI, McDonalds, BP and Starbucks. The PRI will begin the design of a multidimensional farm that will produce coffee, biofuels, beef and potatoes to service the basic needs of the partner corporations. The farm will also serve as a demonstration and education center running PDCs as well as specialty workshops and practical classes focused on the projects happening on the farm. Other potential projects being considered are drive-thru PDCs, Extra Value and Supersized PDCs, and Permaculture Latte of the Day.

The brilliance of permaculture is that the basic design strategies can be used worldwide with just the species and climate-specific features being changed. All four organizations were in agreement about how excited they all are and the sky is truly the limit when one considers the possibilities that can arise.

When asked about the potential for negative feedback by partnering with such massive corporations, Geoff Lawton was quoted as saying “A lot of permaculturists get nervous when you talk about large sums of money, but it doesn’t concern me one bit. I’ve never had an issue applying the third ethic, and I love coffee.”

Stay tuned for updates on what will prove to be an amazing ongoing relationship for world domination.


  1. I am not sure if this is a joke. Perhaps it is, perhaps not.

    Just wondering about the ethical basis of companies such as MacDonalds and Starbucks.

    Best wishes


  2. Even-though I had concerns from food served by these corporations, it could benefit permaculture a lot. I feel permaculture is very very productive and economical. Today, the general feeling is that it is not. This Global partnership may work very well. I hope further your associated corporations add healthier meal’s than they are doing now.

  3. Put the money into a global earthbank fund, investing in all the ethical investments on the planet, and make a micro investment fund, so everyone living on a $1 a day can invest 50 cents a week. And offer a high return. Triodoes Prometheus in nz and Australian ethical investments need a uniting agency, something that invests in grameen, and cow banks, make it global. And maybe you can supply some health food to MacDonalds, so our children aren’t being poisoned by their food, I think is what heather was alluding to, i may be wrong. It would be great if McDonalds threw their support behind patch adams, ronald doesn’t really compare to the clown doctors. btw

  4. I assume this was written by Onion News…they are the source of all my news when I’m not watching John Stewart or Colbert , that is . It’s a sad reality that whenever a worthy organization has tried to work “from with-in”, as they use to say, the negative organization just contaminates them . Believe that concept is were the expression…”making a deal with the devil” came from .

  5. Ha! Ha! Ha! Love it! I saw the “Comedy Break” title by the authors name. I knew it had to be a joke!

  6. Eric, since you are relatively new to permaculture, know that healthy debate in field we all share in is a good thing. Peaceful travels.

  7. OMG – I KNEW you guys were up to “total world domination” all along! I have no doubt that Ronald McDonald is Geoff’s evil twin (or is it the other way around??)

    Actually, if we could get big corporations to change their thinking and pursue a regenerative business model that would be healthy to our planet and people, wouldn’t that just be a huge tipping point for the permaculture movement?

    Thanks for making my day. And, as I bought into the “drive-through” (aka ONLINE) PDC – which is one of the best things I’ve ever spent money on, EVER – I’d better get back to it. Especially now that I know “world domination” is the end game.

    But first, I’m going out to supersize my front yard food forest for a bit….(mulching, mulching, mulching – oh, and using some reclaimed coffee grounds from Starbucks!)

  8. Very nice project, I wish all major companies in the future adapts Permaculture…that is the only way we can dramatically change the culture of capitalism to partner with nature and local growers…my wish is all Monsanto staff and other chemical companies too will change their minds and adapt natural systems. Cheers to PRI!

  9. Jason I’m not new to permaculture and agree healthy debate is good so is having a laugh from time to time. Cheers.

  10. Quote: “A lot of permaculturists get nervous when you talk about large sums of money, but it doesn’t concern me one bit.”

    hehe! Eric, you are very naughty!

  11. Woah, you really had me going for a bit! My heart was actually pounding with concern. Phew!

  12. Oh, I just had an idea, how about an Intro to Permaculture Happy Meal, comes with a Geoff Lawton figurine, collect all seven different poses; Geoff in the food forest, Geoff in the classroom, Geoff directing earthworks, Geoff in the maincrop…- what a way to get the kids in!!!
    We could get the Zaytuna interns to carve them out of bamboo, but that might mean the meal itself will have to be outsourced, possibly to China.

  13. You’ve left out Monsanto. Surely if you want to partner with the devil, you couldn’t do better than this bunch of crooks.

  14. This is a great step in the right direction.

    Can you give us some insight into the application process ie Why BP was chosen over Exxon/Shell and why Monsanto wasn’t included in talks?

    Can you please also think about partnering up with Google and their “Do No Evil” ethic.


  15. Really!!! I almost thought that this was for real! I made a statement to my wife that I will have to rethink my take on “Permaculture” if this is serious!
    NOT a good joke!

  16. Really? PRI selling out? Give these multi-nationals a way to green-wash what they do? Please tell me that’s not true!

  17. I’m lovin it. Hahhaa.. Had me on the edge of my seat this one. And that god!! Really guys, way to give a guy a heart attack first thing in the morning (and I haven’t even had my big mac and big latte yet so my brain isn’t ever working yet).

  18. It would be even more groundbreaking if McDonalds
    had a sustainable initiative to speak of. Starbucks
    gives 1% to the planet when they could give 10% well-easy
    I imagine. Cute.

  19. Clive Palmer and Gina Rinehart, as recent converts to the techniques of Peter Andrews and PA Yeomans, would love to hear from you Geoff! Clive, would like to get on with the job of holding water in the landscape instead of the Titanic.

  20. Wonderfull!
    i am absolutely agree with Geoff, as usual. A good permaculturist can easily build a perrenial, efficient system, even with f***g big elements. And Ronald can also, by drinking huge mass of coffee transform his own organic waste into biofuel. In abundance.
    Imagination is the only designer’s limit :)

  21. @Carolyn Payne-Gemmell: I think you’re on to something with that Happy Meal idea! I also think the Happy Meal box should unfold into a sloped landscape and the kids would be able to place swales, plants, animals, structures, etc in the appropriate location (the figurines of Geoff and others could dot said landscape). The drink cup could transform into a water harvesting cistern and the fries container could be the house. Then after the kiddos were done with it, they would take it all home and plant it in their yard because the cardboard would be infused with (climate appropriate) heirloom seeds. Or alternatively, each McDonalds would have a garden attached to it that the boxes could go back into (hey – what are they doing with all those “playlands” that are attached to McDonalds? They would make great green houses! And much better fun for kids than those nasty ball pits.)

  22. More Happy Meal figurine ideas:
    –Geoff on a chinampa
    –Geoff moving the chicken tractor
    –Geoff enjoying a banana circle with the two dogs of Zaytuna Farm
    –Geoff building wattle and daub walls
    –Geoff installing solar panels
    –Geoff building a rocket stove
    –Geoff relaxing and enjoying the “fruits of his labor” (does Geoff relax????)

  23. I can’t quite wrap my head around this one. Having mega corps involved is exciting in some ways, but very scary in others. I hope permaculture can survive this without compromising too much.

  24. To be honest, these are questions that these companies in many strategic meetings are asking themselves, because a great many customers are asking them the same questions.

    If they wish to be sustainable businesses they need to have sustainable practices – their investors, shareholders and customers are demanding. Its the same as insurance companies forcing higher premiums on “at risk” organisations, whether that be geographic or raw material sources, because of the higher risk of massive weather events – these have moved away from “chance” and “100 year events” and insurance companies are recognising it in their higher premiums – they are not charities and so their premiums merely reflect reality.

    The thin edge of the wedge starts to be driven in some where … maybe it started with a salad bar at maccas, but it expands over time to become what the community desires. Look at the way egg sales have dramatically shifted when caged and non caged were identified.

    These fast food chains will fall away if they don’t met contemporary consumer needs. While modern man/woman does eat a lot of crud, there is opportunity to lead and change through choice and taxes.

    I would LOVE to see Geoff and associates on some sort of sustainability committee for a large fast food chain.. It’s NOT about selling out, but it IS about creating better choices right through their supply chain… and at present, they havent evolved to the best choices!

  25. I recognise the guy with the yellow suit, red hair and clown face as Geoff Lawton. Who’s the one in the blue shirt?

  26. I was on this site a couple of days ago and didn’t have time to read this article but saw the pic and headline and was very concerned. Whew! So glad I came back to check it out in detail and to find that it’s just satire. I am so relieved. I have worked for a large, global corporation for almost 29 years now and I can confirm that Permaculture Ethics and Principles are NOT part of the corporate foundation or mandate.

  27. strange … appear only lack the dudes of MONSANTO want to join this magnificent block .. after that, nothing will stop them!

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