Connecticut Senate Backs Bill to Label GMOs

With my home state being recently known for tragedy beyond imagining, it is refreshing that our senate has backed a bill 35 to 1 to label genetically modified food. While this has been hailed by supporters as a victory thus far, we are not out of the water just yet. The bill still must be passed by the House of Representatives, and then signed into law by the Governor. It then wouldn’t even be enacted until three other states pass similar legislation. Now, as much as I do not follow politics, I do follow food security, conservation, and health, and I feel this is still a great move forward for us as a state and as a nation.

Hopefully we can catch up to just about every other industrialized country in the world and be able to make informed decisions about what we put into our bodies.

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  1. And once again I feel that it is such a defeat to fight against gmo labelling. It is admiting that gmo are here to stay. Please, fight for gmo being forbid, that’s what need to be done.
    And please don’t erase my comment as itls always erased under those silly petition for labelling.

  2. Hi Sebastian. Your comments have never been deleted. It’s possible you didn’t in the past click on the verification email that’s sent you after making a comment (you had to click on the link in the email to verify). This stops spambots. At the moment we’ve just moved servers, and I’ve disabled the verification system for the moment – hence your comment is visible. Hope that clarifies.

  3. Thanks Craig.
    I indeed really thought that on 2 occasions (under 2 different articles) I was being censored, for encouraging GMO banning, instead of GMO labeling.
    Thanks you for clarifying it was not the case.

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