Tour of Geoff Lawton’s Online PDC and Farm!

Hi, it’s Geoff here.

Last Sunday was International Permaculture Day and the launch of my new online permaculture course.

We had a lot of people visit my farm on Sunday and a lot of people decided to do an online course with me. In fact some of them turned up to meet me.

Check out this YouTube video of the farm tour and get a sneak peek at what’s going on inside my new course. We have already had over 1500 comments from people doing the course and watching all the videos and commenting how much they love it.



P.S. I have a very exciting free bonus I’m going to be releasing tomorrow. This is something that I’ve always wanted to do and it’s worth more than the price of the entire course and my other 6-pack of Geoff Lawton Permaculture DVD bonuses in their own right. It’s going to be yours absolutely free when you do my new online permaculture course.

You’re not going to believe what it is!

Register your seat now.

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Geoff Lawton

Geoff Lawton is a world renowned Permaculture consultant, designer and teacher. He first took his Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Course in 1983 with Bill Mollison the founder of Permaculture. Geoff has undertaken thousands of jobs teaching, consulting, designing, administering and implementing, in 6 continents and close to 50 countries around the world. Clients have included private individuals, groups, communities, governments, aid organizations, non-government organisations and multinational companies under the not-for-profit organisation. In 1996 Geoff was accredited with the Permaculture Community Services Award by the Permaculture movement for services in Australia and around the world. Geoff's official website is Geoff's Facebook profile can be found here.


  1. I’m in this course and it is WONDERFUL – better than I even expected! (and my expectations were pretty high!)

    The community building within the forums is amazing. Thanks to everyone involved in making this course a reality and to all the creative people taking the class.

  2. Agree with Jennifer … I signed up my ladyfriend for Geoff’s online PDC; it’s AMAZING what they’ve done! This is a very high quality course with students from around the world. I took my PDC from Geoff and Darren Doherty. It was life changing. This online PDC has all the earmarks of having as much impact as the two week intensive! The “girl” is really excited. Good job to Geoff and the team who put this together.

  3. Ah well… Wish I could have joined the course!!

    Very disappointed in the price that needs to be payed!! I’ve been waiting for this opportunity for a while, but was suprised that it is soooooo expensive (half of my monthly salary) for a cousrse that’s suppose to help us save the planet! Just seems like this permaculture thing is starting to become a money making enterprise!

    Wish there was an option to make monthly installments to attend this online course… Oh well, guess I’ll need to save for a couple of months, mabey years to attend this coarse!

  4. I guess living in the desert has made me salty since I agree with Grant. In addition the opener videos and the whole marketing theme as a whole smells spammy and alarmist. I felt like I was going to get some malware every step of the way. I am trying my best not to let this skew my feelings for Goeff but I have to say this was a pretty heavy blow. But hey congratulations for making ponds in the tropics.

  5. I must say that I partly agree with with Grant the dissapointed African and Jeremiah the dissapointed Nican Talca.

    I believe that Geoff is one of the best permaculture professionals that there is – after watching interviews and videos about him and his work, this seems to be the case. I also think that professionals and teachers also on the permaculture field should be paid for their work, and I understantd that there are costs (how much, that I don’t know) associated with holding this kind of course.

    Still I get a suspicious feeling that something is not right in here. Of course, the course includes 24 DVD’s and so, but still. Lectures can be filmed during normal PDCs and online course can get much more people in than a normal course.

    If the PRI and/or Geoff Lawton staff would release some information over the formation of course prices, this would relieve this kinds of doubts. Of course it is solely up to PRI or Mr. Lawton to reveal or hold back such information, by their own decicion.

    I understand that this might be a bit insulting and maybe inaproriate some way. But there is too much money gathering capitalists in disguise lurking in all kinds of alternative movements.

    So far permaculture has seemed to be mostly funktional and aimed at making the world a better place, but since most of the courses are prety expensive, I constanly get doubtful thoughts about the intentions of some permaculture organisations.

    Is permaculture really able to “cater for all your needs”, if permaculture teachers still need very high salaries? Of course all the costs must be met, and also some salary paid.

    DISCLAIMER: Following is speculation! I do not claim to know the economic situations or details the economy of PRI or any other permaculture organisation. /Disclaimer ends.
    If there is a ten day course with a price tag with 2200 dollars, ten days of teaching, nine hours per day and twenty students it means 4400 dollars per day (of course a course in the Zaytuna farm this includes meals and there are several teachers). If we assume that half of the prices goes to covering costs, it means there is 2200 dollars income for each day. If there would be two teachers, both teaching for 9 hours,it would mean a salary of over 100 dollars per hour. It is pretty much…

    Of course it possible the money gathered with courses doesn’t go to the pockets of teachers but is used to fuel the spreading of permaculture.

    My doubts have risen, in addition to PRI holding expensive courses, it having a lot of voluntary workers (working for free, if I have understud correcly), who keep things running.

    Of course I might be completely wrong, and PRI is reality very reasonable and moderate in salaries and other monetary issues, but I’m having doubts about that.

    I’m still considering about taking the online PDC. I believe I’m going to take a PDC in the near future anyway, but I’l propably do some self studies before.

    I hope that I’m not going to some black list of infidels because of asking these questions but get proven wrong about these concerns.

    Regards, Aapo L

  6. Regarding fee structures – I can only speculate here – but it seems that many PDCs set aside a certain amount of earnings as a scholarship fund for those who cannot afford to attend. I know Geoff has said in several videos I’ve seen that he often has first and third world students in his courses and the fees the first world students pay help pay for local people to participate (I paraphrase poorly – Craig – please correct me if I’m wrong).

    Already the fee for the online class is half that of the in-person class, and there is no travel expense or books to buy and videos are included as well as an added class. Designing software to accommodate the class, having people help mentor, making the videos, etc. are large, up-front costs.

    I think it would be helpful, and possibly highly encouraging if PRI would share how it is applying the Ethics to the profits of the course. Somehow I strongly doubt they are using it to amass personal fortunes.

  7. Jennifer:

    You are propably right. I walked around in my garden an in asmall market happening in my town and I became to think that I propably was a “bit” too steep and harsh in my comment. I even forgot that there is Craig who needs to fet paid for his work, and PRI propably needs some money for that.

    Also software design can be expensive indeed.

    But still it’s true that I’ve had this kind of doubts. I’ve Maybe it is partly because I’ve come across some very strange “PDC”s, like the one advertised in here: . Hippie wippie new age mumble. It has luckily nothing to do Geoff.

    Openness about economy would be best medicine against this kinds of doubts, though it might compromise some privacy and rigts of employees, which is basicly undesirable.

    Regards, Aapo

  8. GOOD NEWS!!

    There is now an option to pay monthly over three months!

    Still a bit expensive, will probably need to get a loan from the bank or something, but thinking a bit further about the comments you all have made, it will most probably be worth it!

    Apologies if I came across a bit strong too… I’ve watched a couple of Geoff’s videos, and really admire the man, and his work!!!! Its just that i felt at that time that if I had to pay half of my monthly salary (and I have nothing left every month from it at the moment; just barely making it through), that it will be impossible for someone who is not as well off as I am to ever attend a course like this.

    But then i though of it a bit differently; if i can make a sacrifice now and attend the course, then i will be able to teach the knowledge that I’ve gained here in my country (Namibia) in the future for probably a very small cost (in our monetary value)!!

    Hold thumbs for me! Hopefully i can scratch up enough money before the weekend, as i am aware that the course will be closed by the end of this weekend!

  9. Aapo, I think you have sort of answered your own question with Jennifers help but I will add my own thoughts for you anyway.
    Of course it would be up to Geoff to tell you his life story and of the trail he has taken since doing his PDC.
    However, I believe his journey is an incremental one, gathering resources and returning his surpluses to earth care and people care as he goes along.
    I visited Zaytuna farm in early 2009, mid 2010 and late 2011. I have seen for myself that Geoff and Nadia have given up their private life and all their surplus time, money and resources to support the expanding of Permaculture education, they have gone beyond what most people would tolerate and sacrifice as far as putting themselves aside for others.
    While Geoff is too modest to remind people I will, he personally took many years of savings, which were accumulated from teaching and consulting around the clock from one end of the planet to the other and he launched the Permaculture Global Network, so that WE could all network effectively, we could ALL spread the word of our successes, our happy little accidents and sad little failures. Geoff paid to have that site made, which must have cost a fortune and been a massive job for the people who built it.
    He did that ahead of his own plans for building works at the Zaytuna farm site, meaning students and wwoofa’s had to do things a little tougher with regards to accommodation while staying on site, of which Geoff and Nadia have had their battles and criticisms for too, talk about them being stuck between a rock and a hard place.
    Geoff has to employ several office staff to keep up with the requests for help, advice and education from all over the world.
    He employs two chefs to make up all the meals to keep everyone fed and happy, he has to employ site manages to keep the farm producing all that food used to feed everyone, and to manage the interns and wwoofa’s so that they can keep on learning to be effective permaculture designers and practitioners, when Geoff can’t be there personally they keep the wheels turning.
    If you are suspicious that Geoff is some greedy capitalist lurking in disguise to rob you of your hard earned cash think again, and ask some of the partakers of those 30,000 meals at Zaytuna, do Geoff and Nadia look like they are loaded? I don’t think so, there is no evidence of the things modern first worlders would see as excesses, luxury living, expensive toys and the like, you will see happy people doing ethical work, ecosystems restoring to abundance and most importantly people being empowered to go out there and repair this beautiful planet we have trashed.
    I hope that helps Aapo, I really do.

  10. Aapo:

    First of all, what a lovely response. It encouraged me to go out into my own garden and work off some feelings from a dinner party last night. So thanks for that!

    And then I watched that video. Oh boy. I have to agree with you there! It’s funny because I just got done reading several posts from Craig about adding “spirituality” into the PDC. I can see where this would turn a lot of people off. I certainly did me. If I want to participate in those kinds of activities, I’ll do them on my own time.

    Best, Jennifer

  11. Carolyn:

    Yeah I propably didn’t think all the way. I’m going to (try to) join the online PDC. I hope that it’s still possible, since international wire transfer can take a little longer. I’m waiting for an answer to my ticket… I’m a bit late though.

    What you told is new information to me. If it is true my valuation (is this how it is said in English?) of Geoff rises even higher.

    Anyway, I just got a copy of “Permaculture: a designers manual” from the library, and seems great (after only very short viewing.

    Apologies for Geoff and PRI for being a bit unfair in my comments. I should have known better since I personally environmental activists who have dedicated most of their in making world a better place, and some of them live in poverty because of that.

    Regards, Aapo

    Regards, Aapo

  12. @Grant – glad you could join the course, we need more representation from Africa. (and hello from a former neighbor from Maseru, Lesotho!) When you get in, come join us on the “Community” tab under “Dry Lands”.

    @Aapo – hoping your transfer goes through. Don’t know what climate zone you’re in but I hope to see you online soon.


  13. Hello There, I visited Zaytuna Farm on International Permaculture Day 2013. It is a great set up, but importantly, (for the critics I have seen posting here) it is a Permaculture working/teaching Centre. It is also a work in progress and as such offers many opportunities to everyday people to change their lives, and perhaps the world! Everything costs money folks, Geoff and Nadia still travel the world teaching groups, this is how these works get funded and how the less fortunate of us get a chance at LIFE! and not just life, but sustainable life. When you complete this course you can go further and maybe teach others. Will YOU do it for free?
    Don’t pay the money if you cant afford it, go to the Library and search the Internet and learn it yourself, we have those resources and choices. Others don’t, so don’t begrudge them the opportunity to learn about Permaculture and help themselves. Geoff and Nadia could be raking in the money and living like fat cats in any field they choose, but they are living what they are teaching because they believe in it. Pay or don’t pay, do the course or don’t, but don’t point the finger at these fine people and insinuate that they are building an empire out of the cost of the PDC. Good on you Geoff and Nadia for doing what you do and living the life you espouse! Cheers!

  14. Thanks Jen! Glad i made it in!!!! Will need to pay back a huge loan i made, but from what I’ve seen thus far on the site is that it is high quality and definitely worth it! Still finding my way around, but as soon as i get my bearings, I’ll join you in the “Dry Lands”

    My apologies again David for starting that reply. Was just not thinking at the time, but as i said, I’ve watched many of Geoff’s videos and hold the man and his work in high regard, and am hoping that I can continue here in my country by teaching people who are less fortunate than myself and will never be able to afford a coarse like this.

  15. David:

    I already admitted being unfair and wrong, and apologized for Geoff and PRI (I forgot Nadia) Also if you read my posts again you will notice that I didn’t require teaching to be free. :)

    Partly my (unfounded)doubts rose because the free videos and the “Permaculture designer” PDF:s had a bit advertisal look and tone. This might be a cultural difference, and the amount positive was just too much for a bit grim and suspicious Finn like me.

    Anyway, I’m joining the course.

    Regards, Aapo

    *(Using the smiley because I am a non-native speaker (and writer) of English and this might sound too agressive since tones of voice are not included in text).

  16. So I missed the deadline to sign up for the PDC online course, is there going to be another course starting sometime soon?

  17. Wow! I heard about this too late. Really, all the comments about cost are ridiculous. What do people expect you to do? It is OK to make a living from your passions and knowledge. I’m sure it took a lot of work and sacrifice to gain the knowledge Geoff has. Earning money this way is the way to freedom. If this course ever opens again, let me know. I’ll sign up in a minute.

  18. Hi Geoff:

    Great works,thank you so much for the inspiration.
    I’d like to join the online PDC course.
    How can I register for it ?

    Thank you


  19. I would just like to say that I have finished Geoff’s online PDC course and I honestly can say that this was one of the most amazing experience of my life. I cannot thank Geoff Lawton enough! You have changed my life Geoff and for that I will be forever grateful! What an amazing amount of work and effect that went into putting this course together. More than I could ever of hoped for in a course. Thank you Suzi

  20. I would like to add to Suzi’s comment, having also had the same privilege of learning through Geoff’s teachings and generous advice during his online PDC 2013.
    The online version is a wonderful outreach to those of us out here who, for many varied reasons, are unable to attend a 2-week course in person. It is not a grab for more money.
    There was an option to make part-payments, which did influence my own decision to sign up. I scratched up the first bit of money, then scratched up the next bit.
    To any folks out there who feel you genuinely can’t afford the fee, well I suggest “yes you can”, if those of us who have already gone through can help with it.
    So please don’t be disheartened, but contact the PRI and ask what possibilities there might be.
    Was the online course worth doing? Yes, it absolutely was.

    Thanks from the heart to Geoff and the support team and the wonderful online community of folks who made it an empowering experience.)
    Good luck in all your endeavours.

  21. So when does the next online course start? I missed the first one and have been waiting for it to start again. You’ve gotta know there are many of us chomping at the bit to take this who missed the first one.


  22. Hi I’d like to register for the next online PDC course as well. I’ve been on the site, and clicked on all the links, but there doesn’t seem to be a registration link.
    Thanks Kym

  23. I am interested in the online PDC but having a hard time finding info. Would you please let me know when Geoff’s online PDC is available. Thanks, Grace and Peace

  24. Hi David Geoff here, we hope to release the next online PDC early in 2014, these online course are an event that you go through with many other people at the same time and I am able provide you with high quality information dense inter-active education. This is what makes them work so well and produce such highly effective results as very active students. Stay connected here and on and we will keep you updated.

    1. Greetings from Two Rivers, WI, USA. How exciting to know that another class is going to be launched early in this new year! What a wonderful service to life and the planet! Thank you so much for all that you do. While staying tuned for the registration announcement for the 2014 online class, I was wondering if it would be possible to find out what information will be required for registration, if anything more substantial than simply personal info and payment information… and whether or not credit cards will be accepted. Or if wire/money transfers are the only payment option for students outside of Australia? As a busy Mom of 2 year old twin boys (ha!) I would like to be prepared a little ahead so as to not risk missing the upcoming enrollment period. Thanks very much! Peace and Blessings. Cheers!

  25. Hey! I am trying to get signed up to take the permaculture course this year (2014) I heard the course just opened, but I can’t sign in to the website to register! Is anyone else having these problems?

    Please email me with more infor if you can please!

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