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Greening the Desert (the ‘Sequel’ Site) Project – Spring 2013 Photo Update (Jordan)

It’s spring time for the Jordan Valley Permaculture Project (aka “Greening the Desert – the Sequel”), the lowest place on earth (400 metres below sea level) and one of the hottest and driest, and our trees and gardens are full of produce. During the internship that was held at the project in November 2012 the students worked on installing a new irrigation system that has obviously made a big difference!

The other thing that the interns worked on was the garden — now it’s lush and producing all kinds of vegetables.

The chickens are also loving the new house built by the interns, and the production of eggs has increased since their move!

The pictures herein show some of the trees, including pomegranates, apples, and olives. Some of the produce collected from the garden includes tomato, chili, okra, corn, lettuce and kale.

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  1. We asked the people on the ground at the project site to take the photo for us at your request. As soon as I get the photo I will send them to Craig to put them on the web.
    Thanks Nadia

  2. Thanks for posting this update. Like many, I am sure,I have been keenly following the progress of this site and would greatly appreciate regular updates. It is such a wonderful learning experience for all of us that struggle in drier, harsher climates.

    Thanks so much, Chris

  3. Seeing before and after images would be nice. In all the Permaculture documentation and videos I am seeing already established gardens and flash computer generated animations or time jump clips of exiting gardens of ideal food forest. No where have I seen an actual do umented project from beginning design to food forest. I don’t doubt the concept, but seek evidence that Geoff Lawton has self created food forest to back up his teaching.

  4. Like so many, I’ve watched this from the first Greening of the Desert, It is so good to see the updates.
    The site is really making huge progress and I want to says thanks, and express appreciation to all the willing hands who have done the work. It really shows what can be accomplished on multiple levels. Community, local and International cooperation, Agriculturally, System design and local sourcing of regeneration.
    Thank You for the update.

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