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A free series of permaculture design videos by Geoff Lawton, world renowned permaculture designer, teacher, and consultant, reveals how to not only survive the coming crisis with permaculture design but how to build abundance on your land. How to have all the water you will ever need. How to have all the fish you will ever want. How to have your own food forest and grow all your own food. Where to start. How to understand your land. How to work with it. How to design it, Naturally. Abundance is no accident.

The first video in the series provides an introduction to Geoff Lawton and his work around the world helping people survive through the use of permaculture design. In this video you will discover how to: Survive the coming crises — economic, food, water and energy — in a healthy and abundant way with permaculture design. How to establish food forests with a step by step guide. Become survival confident with permaculture design. Take an exclusive aerial guided tour with Geoff of his water harvesting swales, dams and food forests on his permaculture designed farm.

The second video has just been released. In this permaculture video, Geoff Lawton provides the permaculture principles for designing urban and rural properties and provides a property purchase checklist that lets people know what they should be looking for when designing a permaculture system or purchasing a property. Geoff describes the three things you must get right in the permaculture design of a property.


  1. Great to see the next film up.

    Any chance you could start posting the file size with each film? (for those of us with data limits). Knowing the length of the dvd without having to start loading it would be helpful too. thanks.

  2. Great video! I have to say the production of late has a tad too much polish. All the inspirational music and sound effects tend to scream of infomercials and take away from the message.

  3. Fantastic inspirational video!!!
    Where do I sign up? Im excited and want to learn more about permaculture and all her principles…
    Hereward John Taylor

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