Thanks For Your Patience

A little (no more than 2cms long!) tree frog adds to the diversity of Zaytuna Farm
Photos © Craig Mackintosh

It’s been a rewarding time here at Zaytuna Farm. I’ve been busy taking footage, and a few photos too (like our little friend above — and thanks to eagle-eyed Geoff for spotting him). Thanks for your patience over the last few weeks, while postings have been a little more intermittant than usual. (And I know some can get a little grumpy if they don’t get their regular dose of permaculturenews fare!) Hopefully you’ll find it all worth it, after I’ve had a chance to put some articles together and edit the video for you all.

Tomorrow I make my way back home, so you’ll need to give me a few more days yet before this blog’s life returns to normal.


  1. Great stuff! I’m in the Mid-west of the US in NE Iowa along the Mississippi River where it’s unglaciated. It’s called ‘coulee country’ with a coulee defined as a steep side ravine. In the summer it’s like a symphony sleeping with the windows open and listening to the tree frogs call through the night.

    Spring is arriving here , some perennials are up about an inch, birds are returning and life is good. Swans spotted on the river and yesterday a Sand Hill Crane flew over me honking a greeting the whole time.
    April showers ……… bring May flowers expected to start this evening and continue on & off for about a week. This will jump start everything. Except for my window washing to wave winter grime so long!

    Thanks for the cheery picture!

  2. Yes, it is true, if new articles are not to be found then it is missed. In a mainstream media world of misery and hopelessness, this is the place where I like to come and learn that there are a wealth of solutions and with those solutions there are still cute animal stories to go with it.

  3. No worries, Craig – just thanks for all your inspiring work. I reckon it makes a big difference and I’m one of those who checks in most days for inspiration. Having such a visible forum and network for PRI is just brilliant. And the tree frog is great. Funnily enough I was watching a mass frog orgy in Spring-time UK just yesterday!

  4. I love my daily permaculture news. I’ve been finding lots of interesting stuff in the archives while you do other work. Thanks for all you do!

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