Holistic Management Training in Lismore, Northern NSW, Australia, April 2013

VXESJJHEQ84A Terra Sancta Permaculture and InsideOutside Management are having another Holistic Management training session in Lismore, Northern NSW. We have just finished up on our first and I can say that it’s the best training I have undertaken. For those that missed out the first time, you’re in luck.

Teaming Holistic Management with Permaculture has an exceptionally powerful effect on building soils and repairing large landscapes. But also, it’s an amazing journey of personal vision working with the Holistic scope of life systems.

We are looking for persons interested in some HM training who are located around the Northern NSW area. The training is flexible and subsidized by TAFE so incredibly cheap. This funding won’t last forever, and the course is set to start on April 3rd, so get in quick.

The training is a semester course, structured around 8 two-day sessions which run from 9am to 3.30pm each day, with three to four weeks between each session to allow for implementation of the acquired knowledge. The course is currently heavily subsidized for the 16-day training, all resources including manual, text book, hand book and lunches and teas during the course.

The course is packed with new ideas on how to manage your land and your lives holistically. Students will come away from the course with a holistic goal for themselves and their business/family, a financial plan for themselves and a grazing plan for their property (if applicable), along with a positive outlook and new ideas to achieve their goal. The course is backed up by email and telephone access to your educators as well as a bi-monthly magazine from the Holistic Management International centre in America, full of interesting stories and great ideas. The educators will also initiate a post course support group mechanism so your training group can continue to meet on a regular basis to share your combined learning and successes.

Do not miss out on this one! We have one of Australia’s finest educators, Brian Wehlburg of InsideOutside Management.

You can download the flier (380kb PDF) and also the session guide which lists more details and all dates for this staggered course (130kb PDF).

You can also book in directly with me: terrasanctapermculture (at)

Don’t miss out!


  1. I am going this time : ) Lismore is much closer than bangalow was.
    Scotty Robinson a friend of mine and a student at your first course cant stop raving about it we have been implementing all aspects on the hill of abundance in kunghur and now its my turn to get edumicated.

    Thanks for this Guys and thanks PRI for spreading the word.

    Charmaster Dolph Cooke
    Biochar Project

  2. Hello Bob

    Anyone is welcome to come down on Wednesdays (Thats my community Biochar day) and then we could do a bit of a tour after that.

    Bring ya tools and ya workboots : )

    Its an open source new world wonder and if you like it so much you can build your own place here and stay : )

    Charmaster Dolph Cooke
    find us on our website

  3. I am witnessing tragic overdevelopement and loss of biodiversity even here in the Boston and New England area which I know for many of you would probably love to trade pla es with me here. I am convinced that we are only a multiyear drought away from a west coast like drought emergency. I believe that understanding causes of desertfication and plannind for holistic health remediation is far easier than to undergo a Biblical genesis effort to oasify a region which has succumbed to desertification in recent history. This i belive is an up in coming area of reseach and i thank pioneers such as Geoff Lawton for Educating The world to the fact that some things can be done about the problem. John

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