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Stories from our Food Gardens (e-Book)

The world is dotted with individuals that are driving change from the inside out, inspired by the principles and approach of permaculture.

I wanted to share with you “Stories from our Food Gardens” an e-publication made possible by the Saville Foundation here in South Africa, written by Melveen Jackson. Their partnership is an example of what is possible when certain individuals are backed by opportunity and funds. To me it emphasizes the well-talked-of potential that permaculture has to flow out of our backyards and influence mainstream development. South Africa (and in this particular case, the province of KwaZulu-Natal), without doubt provides a great canvas on which to show these dynamics at work, so we get excited to see it happening in reality.

The publication also provides us with a lesson on the level of the individual:

A permaculture practitioner is grounded in humility and reality, constantly teaching and learning from those they come into contact with. They show that in order to truly make a difference, one needs to be more than just a great designer or teacher. Communities prefer leaders… that are as sensitive to cultural differences and personal interactions as they are to elements in the landscape, social and ecological.

What follows is a neatly set out approach to very complex, community-orientated actions. I hope you find ample relevance:

*Anyone can borrow freely from this publication, subject to acknowledgement of source.


  1. Thank you for so freely sharing your work with us, Melveen. I have just started up a communal garden in Cyprus and I feel like the blind leading the blind. Your publication will certainly be helpful.

  2. Thank you SO much for this wonderful resource. So many people will benefit from your generosity :). I would just like to thank you for allowing me to learn more about food production from my 4 acre property in Sidmouth Tasmania :).

  3. Hi there “narf7”

    You’d also do great to approach groups such as Permaculture Tasmania ( as they’ll have the relevant local knowledge, connections and experience to fill in the gaps for you.

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