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Eaglemont Project Matures (Australia)

During the Christmas break VEG’s Dan & family paid a social call to customers-become-friends Julian & Linda in Eaglemont, Victoria, Australia. We documented the large-scale design and implementation project we completed for Julian & Linda last year (see the design and during photos here and some shots of where it was all at about 10 months ago here).

The place is maturing beautifully and we took a few happy snaps of the back and front yards.

The topshelf VEG bed with flowers and grapes growing up over
the trellised pergola is looking particularly lovely

The main VEG beds are coming into some serious summer production

Amanda & Julian contemplating the enclosed fox- and bird-proof orchard
(note the comfrey patch bottom left). They have silver appleyard ducks (including
four gorgeous ducklings) and several chooks.

Dan takes a look at the fruit trees in this clip (including a lot of
multiplanting with up to four trees in one hole).

Four-way peach and nectarine planting being serviced by a duck

We usually refuse to put in lawns, but Julian and Linda earned
a little one with all their food gardens….

The pond is looking lovely with clean water full of diverse insect life

The front yard, which is a food forest with some extra ornamentals,
is apparently creating a lot of interest on the street.

Ciela enjoying another strawberry before we hit the road….


  1. John: They’ll stunt each other (so you don’t have to buy more expensive dwarf varieties), and they’ll give you several different kinds of fruit in the space normally taken up by one tree (so you don’t have to buy an expensive multi-variety grafted tree).

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