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Children Raised on Farms Develop Better Immune Systems

It turns out that living a natural life on the land with regular contact with other living beings is healthier than living in a disinfected urban bubble. Who’da thunk it?

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  1. This makes so much sense! My grandparents had a farm where I spent a lot of time as a kid and young adult and they and my mom always encouraged me to spend lots and lots of time playing (working??) in the dirt. You can’t keep my children away from it now, and they tend to be healthier than all the kids around who are practically bathing in antibacterial products. Ick.

  2. I was raised and lived on farms till my mid twenties in NZ we roamed all over the farms without supervision got covered in mud in the wet splashed around in the creeks and bush in the summer did our chores helped milk the cows and on school days rode our bikes three miles up hill to catch the bus for school and sometimes if we wanted to play sport we would bike 20miles each way to town and back on the weekends We where fit healthy and never had a day of sick unlike todays town children .
    If you look around at the motivated busines people of to day quite often you will find they were raised in the country and are more motivated than city raised kids and are a nicer friendlier group of people as well Roger

  3. It’s logic so why did people forget this in the first place. Whitout interaction with mother earth we get weaker.

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