VEG Permaculture Design Course in Melbourne (Weekends, March/May 2013)

Very Edible Gardens (VEG) is pleased to announce its first ever Permaculture Design Course (PDC) in Melbourne starting March 22nd. Led by VEG directors Adam Grubb & Dan Palmer, specialist topic teachers include David Holmgren, Sue Dennet, and Darren Doherty.

This PDC integrates the best aspects of PDCs we have helped teach in Australia, New Zealand and Africa over the last seven years. A defining focus is the creation of a professional collaborative atmosphere where tutors and students combine forces to take a 100% real design for 100% real clients from inception to completion and beyond. And that puts the pressure not on you, but on us, to teach well, share well and support well!

Permaculture is about working with nature, rather than against it, and the one of the main ways this is applied is to grow sustainable, organic food. The course however is far more holistic than just food production, with classes on community organising, green economics, appropriate technology and sustainable building. Key principles are reinforced to tie it all together.

Throughout the course, every new concept is covered systematically: introduced — considering how it occurs in nature — before exploring practical applications, and then you get the chance to apply it in your design project. This leaves you feeling confident to start designing and otherwise applying and integrating permaculture into your life straight away.

As with all PDCs, the emphasis is on building foundational understandings rather than practical skills — however, we will be visiting some of the best demonstration sites in the country, and we will follow the course with an optional free springtime permablitz to implement one of the class’s designs!


Adam and Dan from VEG are professional permaculture designers and implementers, co-founders of the permablitz movement, and have excellent reputations as teachers. We’re going to visit some of the best and most well-known permaculture practitioners in the world at their own homes, with permaculture co-originator David Holmgren and his partner Su Dennett, and the internationally-renowned Darren Doherty (permaculture consultant to the Hollywood stars, no really!) and his partner Lisa Heenan, as well as VEG’s Kim Glasgow in her own amazing urban permaculture demonstration site where many of the classes will take place. The course includes three sleep-over camping trips to the country so it will be like a holiday too, only educational. Edu-vacational!

The course runs in one and two-day blocks over weekends between March 22 and May 25 2013. This not only makes it accessible to participants working full time, but combines residential weekends with time to digest and apply learnings between sessions.

What: Permaculture Design Course
Where: In and around Melbourne, Victoria
When: Weekend days between March 22 – May 25, 2013
Cost: $1,800 with payment plan option

More info and to register:

Course Content Includes:

  • The Permaculture Design Process
  • Climate & Land Form
  • Patterns
  • Water & Access
  • Trees
  • Soils
  • Crops
  • Animals
  • Strategies & Techniques for Different Climates
  • Appropriate technology
  • Bioregions and communities
  • Economic systems
  • Making a living using permaculture


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