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A Permaculture Food Forest in Belgium (video)
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I think temperate-climate permaculturists could learn a lot from this couple in Belgium. The video above reports that on only 1800 square metres of land they host “more than 2000 fruit trees and 5000 kinds of vegetables” (sounds impossible, but that’s what they report — although perhaps just a bad translation….) Whatever the number, there is obviously a great deal of diversity on the site, creating a wonderfully rich soil, and a tremendous treasure trove of seeds. What a wonderful example of permaculture!


  1. Yes this truly is a great example of temperate permaculture.

    Another place like this is being built by one of our teachters in the Netherlands at the moment….

    This one a bit bigger, 2 acres of food forest, and anothter 4 acres of a simpler orchard and nature reserve.

    Despite the economic challenges, several brave market gardeners are use permaculture designs over here… I hope many more will follow.

    Greatings from the Netherlands, @MarankeSpoor

  2. Obviously you can’t have 2000 fruit trees plus 5000 varieties of veggies in 1800 sq meters… but it looks like a spectacular garden nonetheless!

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