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Let’s Talk About Soil

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  1. Nice video. My one criticism is the use of the “1 cm every millennium” figure that gets repeated over and over. I think this makes bad situation feel hopeless to a lot of people, and so the only option is to feel hopeless. People need to know that, if we actively participate, living soils can be created very quickly. It’s very much like the message we get from the cancer industry, spending lots of money on looking for a “cure,” motivating people to walk and buy crap with pink ribbons all over it, and educating people about early detection, etc., instead of working on prevention through the nutrient density of food. Or the message we get about conserving water in drought, when we understand that conserving and planting forests have a lot to do with rainfall generation and erosion prevention. Or the message we get about how CAFO’s are evil and how we should all be vegetarians when we know that animals belong on the landscape where they cultivate, fertilize, and live fulfilled lives.

    Wait… forests generate soils?… so do grasslands with pulse grazed ruminants?… rain comes from forests and is stored in soils?… our food tastes better and keeps us healthy when it comes from healthy forests and prairies?… Why, I’ve just solved all our prob… Oh yeah. Our species has known this for about a million years. It’s only in the last 10,000 or so that we’ve forgotten.

    I think single issue informational videos like this are fine, but they can also be counter productive if they don’t give us a direction in which we can actually move. This one is a bit on the paralyzing side of the spectrum. I want to see the Permaculture version of this video with equivalent production values!

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