Permaculture Principles Card Deck

As an offering to the world community, Gaiacraft presents a unique card deck which explores the permaculture principles in a dynamic new way. Featuring 64 principles, directives, strategies, attitudes, and ethics sourced from elders of the permaculture movement, this is a collection of foundational concepts that can support any permaculture design process. Mixing art, symbol, photo and text, this creative learning and teaching toolkit inspires new insights and deepened understandings about the applications of permaculture.

The Permaculture Principles Card Deck supports people’s learning / teaching practice and works with people of all ages, disciplines, educational backgrounds and experience levels. This is a game that can be played in countless ways, potentially engaging all the different learning / teaching styles at once. Personal reflections, classrooms, conversations, site designs or decision making processes can all benefit from the use of these cards. The principles were inspired from study of how indigenous peoples have lived in harmony with their environment along with insights gleaned from modern understandings of how nature has designed itself.

These lushly illustrated, full color, double sided cards are available as an open source files for download here. For those wanting to print the cards, it’s likely more affordable and less work to order them through our print on demand printer who can mail it to you anywhere in the world.

This visionary permaculture learning and teaching toolset will bring creative insights and artful inspiration into your educational life journey.

Source curriculum:

Bill Mollison, David Holmgren, Robin Clayfield, Rosemary Morrow, Geoff Lawton, Robyn Francis, Larry Santoyo, Michael Becker and Toby Hemenway


Delvin Solkinson

Delvin is a PRI Registered Teacher and has lived the Permaculture lifestyle for quite a number of years. After running an ecological gardening business for 7 years to pay his way through university he discovered Permaculture and it was love at first sight. Dedicated to life-long learning he has continually taken regular permaculture classes, courses, workshops, and teacher trainings since that first day. He has co-organized two planetary permaculture pilgrimage to do back to back advanced trainings. The first in 2011 in Australia to study with Rosemary Morrow, Geoff Lawton, David Holmgren and Robyn Clayfield. The second in 2015 to the UK and Greece to study with Rosemary Morrow, Looby Macnamara, Robina McCurdy, Peter Cow and Robin Clayfield. For more about Delvin or to get in contact with him, please visit his World Permaculture Network Profile.


  1. i like the cards. they will greatly help my audience understand permaculture better and appreciate it. please help me make my order.

  2. looking at the cards today, it seems that the cards have been released in such a way that no-one can print them so that they will match up correctly – the fronts are a different size and arranged with space between each hexagon while the backs are not. This is a pity because ordering them means transport half way around the world and the carbon footprint involved in the packaging of it (defeats the purpose of permaculture to a degree).

    I would happy pay for the pdfs that match up so that I can print easily myself. Anyone else feel the same?

  3. awesome thanks everyone

    the cards are set up perfectly for print
    one side is larger than the other to have ‘bleed’ so if you get them printed at a local printshop
    and they are not printed exactly back to back then they will still cut perfectly
    you always cut from the side that is smaller!!

    its likely alot less expensive to get them printed, cut and mailed to you from the print on demand printer
    but downloading the free files and printing them yourself has worked for many people so far so should work for you too !

    super bless

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