Changing the Face of Farming: Permaculture Farms in the US

After more than 30 years of permaculture, it’s time to see what’s happening on the ground. I’m working with SciFund Challenge to fund my research into permaculture farming. You can find out more about this effort, and get behind it, here.


  1. Thank you for your work to quantify Permaculture farming results and formally compile performance data. This type of rigorous study is important to validate Permaculture as the preferred path forward as our species realizes that healing the wounds we’ve caused to the earth is crucial to our collective well-being. I’m a “fueler”!

  2. Thanks so much for your support and encouragement, William!

    I think it’s worth emphasizing that while this project takes place entirely in the US, its significance is global. Not just the data, but the research methods I apply here will set a precedent as the kind of agroecosystem research that can reveal the complexity and resilience of permaculture landscapes. Please help spread the word!

  3. Right on Rafter! This is great work and very inspiring. Looking forward to it unfolding and reading some of the results! Keep up the good work mate!

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