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How To Survive the Coming Crises (free Geoff Lawton video)

At time of writing, our Zaytuna Farm Video Tour video has had almost 11,000 views, after only six months. A lot of people expressed their appreciation for this video, with some describing it as a "free DVD". Where we can, we want to provide more inspirational/instructional material for free, and today I’m writing to let you know about our latest effort towards fulfilling this goal.

How to Survive the Coming Crises

This is a FREE 34-minute video that looks at:

  • How to survive the coming crises — economic, food, water and energy — in a healthy and abundant way
  • Establish food forests with a step by step guide
  • Become survival confident with permaculture
  • PLUS: An exclusive aerial guided tour with Geoff of his water harvesting swales, dams and food forests
  • We were planning to release this video in early 2013, with other videos following quickly afterwards. But, we’ve decided to do an early release of this initial video, so we can collect signups over an extended period, so that when we do start releasing subsequent editions, more people will be ready and waiting for their automatic notification.

    So, please sign up here, watch the video, and early next year you’ll receive an email with a link to the next edition!

    Note: As per above, this is an early release, so please ignore the parts where I say "next week" in regards to the next edition.

    Geoff Lawton

    Geoff Lawton is a world renowned Permaculture consultant, designer and teacher. He first took his Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Course in 1983 with Bill Mollison the founder of Permaculture. Geoff has undertaken thousands of jobs teaching, consulting, designing, administering and implementing, in 6 continents and close to 50 countries around the world. Clients have included private individuals, groups, communities, governments, aid organizations, non-government organisations and multinational companies under the not-for-profit organisation. In 1996 Geoff was accredited with the Permaculture Community Services Award by the Permaculture movement for services in Australia and around the world. Geoff's official website is GeoffLawtonOnline.com. Geoff's Facebook profile can be found here.


    1. How are there no comments yet!? This video was fantastic. A little unfocused (the discussion of marauding hordes is mostly appropriate to those of the survivalist mindset, and will make sharing it with my nonsurvivalist friends and family awkward) but I am so excited to see Geoff and Co moving in this direction of providing this content on a more regular basis…I was so encouraged by the Zaytuna farm tour video, now this, I can’t wait to see what’s next!

    2. Hey Geoff, just wanted to thank you for that amazing video of the food forest and aerial flyover on your new site geofflawtononline.com. The aerial stuff looks awesome like it was shot out of one mean quadrocopter! Awesome job man. I got me a small patch of 12 acre property near Fort Worth, Texas on the badlands side of the Fed highway and you’ve given me some helpful advice on how to design my land with those ditches and ponds that you Auzzies like to put in particularly.

      The most amazing thing is how many folk are on your new home page commenting and asking questions. Some big names I see and from my home state too. Looking forward to meeting you all and catching new videos that you got coming along. Greets to all the folk at Dallas Permaculture. Awesome people especially Deb. Their field days are something to see. Keep up the fine work now.
      – Kit

    3. We have had 341 comments on the video at the moment and it has been viewed thousands of times and here are just some on them.

      View it yourself and let us know what you think.

      “Geoff: Let’s see if we can head off the crisis rather than go through it. I feel the same urgency… we can move forward together.” – John D. Liu

      “In my 42 years on this planet, nothing has made more sense to me than this aproach to living. It literally made my eyes water up. I have to find a way to change direction and head down this road.” – Greg

      “This is just flat out genius!!! I can’t wait for the next videos as I too am planning to be a part of the solution and not the problem. By that I mean, production for myself and others. I have been trained to consume all my life. I thank God for his mysterious ways in providing solutions to problems that I could not see myself out of. Yes, this does seem overwhelming, but I shall start small and work my way up (Lord willing). Great work Mr. Lawton!! I encourage you to keep on!!” – Contramondial

      “I love your video, 2 years ago we bought a tiny house and the 3 vacant lots next to it, we grow buckwheat and sun hemp among our veggies, fruit trees here and there, cedars to the north, chickens and guineas roam free, we have enough to feed our family and our neighbors all this within 10 blocks of downtown. After watching your video our next project is going to be digging curvy swales. Thank you so much.” – Dot Schwartz Pensacola FL

      “Thank you and your team for this set of examples. I’ve been evolving towards food forestry for about 7 years now, and am in the middle of my pdc in Maryland, USA. This can be done anywhere! As you have proved, time and again. Keep up the good work, and I’m looking forward to the future videos.” – James

      “Geoff, your work is truely inspiring, my hat off to you. I’ve only recently come accross you through research on youtube and the internet in general. I greatly look forward to following and learning more! Thanks.” – Paul

      “Geoff, I can’t tell what your work means to me. I feel like I’ve found my life purpose when I found permaculture. I live in Ottawa, Canada and we’re growing our permaculture community here and it’s going well. I’m also starting a business to help people transform their backyards into Edible Spaces. I particularly want to help farmer’s transform their land for more sustainable land management. Your work has been instrumental to my inspiration, and I can’t thank you enough for all that you’ve done…. I appreciate this video and I can’t wait for the next instalment! Keep up with all that you do, your work is instrumental to humans the world over!” – Nathalie

      “Hi Geoff, great video, very inspiring. I studied with you and Bill in 2009 in Melbourne. Dave Tailby (who did a PDC with you on Zaytuna Farm) and I have been working hard here in Sunny Karamea on the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand. We have a food forest in and it’s growing well, we have chicken tractors, woodlots, composting system, large vegetable gardens, duck pond, sheep etc and we are well on the way to an abundance of food and the associated security. You were right…doing the PDC did change my life!” – Paul Murray

      “Hello from north of Dallas, Texas. I just bought under an acre of land. Fate brought me to this site. Keep doing what your are doing. This is fantastic. I am so excited to get this started.” – Beli

      “Thank you for all you do to get people engaged in self-reliance. . . thank you for making it free and accessible. . . visually stunning with a basic approach. . . it’s great to see how the property has evolved from the beginning.. beautiful.” – John

      “I am inspired,Geoff….I would gladly devote the remainder of my life into being a part of such a project” – Paul

      “I really enjoyed the video. Regardless of a crisis or not, it makes complete sense to me that this is how we should be farming. The ancients had it right and it is good that you are reviving this knowledge for us now. Bravo Geoff! I look forward to more videos from you.” – Jupiter Girl

      “Great series of videos. I love this and have been interested in this for some time. It is the natural order of things. This is something my husband and I, our daughter and her 4 children would be interested in doing on our property. We have 10 acres.” – biolynx

      “Truely inspiring. I love the examples of the food forests at different stages of development. Many Thanks” – Marcus

      “Thank you Geoff. This is really encouraging, sensible and real. Looking forward to 2013 launch. All of the best!” – Andreas

      “Wonderful to see, I can’t wait for the rest of the videos. I’m not sure if I can manage to take a PDC course soon, but I am reading all I can and videos are really helpful to make the texts come alive. I am aiming to develop my small rented suburban place as a permaculture food forest. Even if I can’t make major structural changes or be sure I will still be here to enjoy the long term benefits of my planting, it’s an opportunity to develop skills while restoring a tiny patch of Earth to lush abundance.” – Meliors

      “Once again Geoff has provided a beautiful overview of the Permaculture Way while making some very important points and details understandable for almost anyone who is interested. These are the principles and methods permacultures and designers around the world are applying in all kinds of climates and productive growing systems to stabilize healthy, natural ecosystems that are absolutely abundant and sustainable.”- Bruce

      “Great video! I’ve become really inspired by permaculture and food forests over the last years. Now I’m planting my own food forest in it’s pioneer stage.” – Rein

      “Hello Geoff! I am so grateful to have found this video! I am merely 18 years old but I just know that my path involves designing landscapes like this.” – Chrispeters

      “Thank you Geoff!! I’m working toward an urban food forest on a 17,000 sf residential city lot in SW Virginia. I appreciate you making these videos and look forward to learning more and more…. I’m very excited about the project and your future videos. Can’t thank you enough for everything you do!! ” -Trish

      “Inspiring stuff! Thanks Geoff for all the great work! I am excited to see the subsequent films. I do feel that we are hitting the tipping point and it is going to take all or our collective input to receive the high numbers of interest. Exciting times we live in!” – Daniel

      “Really positive vibes Geoff!…another kick up the bum for those who linger…very few excuses now!!” – Rami

      “That was so inspiring. Thanks, Geoff! My long term goal is to have a piece of land and be self sufficient on it, so I will continue to follow your updates. I’m currently working on environmental education for high school students and focusing largely on food systems so this is great!”- Rozina

      “Geoff – amazing. :) Thank you so much for sharing this information!! I believe that Permaculture should be taught in all schools and all colleges.” – Tammy

      “Well done Geoff! As you said “This is the future and the only possible future. Let’s do it!”. I had a very positive and enlightening experience during your PDC Course and working in The Permaculture Research Institute of Australia too; I am sure these videos will change the future of Permaculture knowledge even through the most distrustful people. Looking forward to watch the next video.”- Marcello

      “Thanks Geoff, looks like just what I need. Hoping to secure my land in the next year and begin building asap. Already building Aquaponics gardening systems and learning alternative building techniques like cob and straw bale. Looking forward to more videos!” – Jeff

      “Incredible!!!! This is fantastic! Now if we as a society can let go of our vices and work together as a community there is no stopping us. This should be taught in schools around the world to feed our people to care about what mother earth has provided us and to utilize what is on our earth through your teachings. You are a gift, to share your knowledge to help other, countries and people with the “how to knowledge” is a gift that keeps on giving. Thank you for sharing. How can I learn more? Bless U and your team.” – Robin

      “Standing ovation! clap clap clap… A series (service) like this is exactly what I’ve been wanting. I just didn’t realize it. The only thing I could think of to add is a reminder that even if no crisis were to happen… Worst case, you end up with a GREAT retirement plan (food system) and an INCREDIBLE asset for your next generation and beyond. Thanks Geoff & Mrs. Lawton!!!” – Randy

      “Geoff Lawton and his buddies might just save the world! I am smiling but not joking around. I’ve watched several video on youtube and each time I watch your videos the inspiration swells in me. I learned a little about permaculture a while back and the gardening started. The peace gardening brings me is priceless. It has been a little at a time in the back yard with mostly fruit trees and perenials. To learn more about this and become an expert would be an honor. The thought of saving the world through such peaceful acts is beautiful and everyone should participate across the globe. I wish to be able to do this full time, change the vacant lots in my city and start a food forest in the country. Thank you guys, keep up the good work!” – Jamie

      “Hi Geoff! We’re on board!.. Started with a 1/10th acre urban lot in Jacksonville.,FL.. it’s now a 3 year growth food forest with 40+fruit trees and berries and NFT’s and veggies/herbs. We have permission to transform a 6 acre wooded lot, just next door, and in the heart of all this urban sprawl- into a permaculture base for education and and interactive understanding. We look forward to your new video and checklist!…Thanks again Geoff!.. It IS our right to have live, vibrant, abundant food! This is what 2012 is all about!” – Elibaha

      “Geoff man this is so cool i don’t know how to thank you i can’t wait for more Im 62 but your goving me courage to buy some land to turn into paradise thanks” – Sam

      “Hello Geoff, Great video. My partner and I are moving from WA to NSW early next year were she will be teaching at a rural school. We will be purchasing some acerage and together we will try to transform it to be as sustainable and self sufficient as possible. How I see it, to help solve the current accumalting problems in the world is simply not to be apart of those problems. We will need all the help we can get. Thankyou for being an inspiration and a great resource of knowledge.” – Lion Roar

      “Hi Geoff, I’ve been following your marvelous work for a year and half and congratulate you for the effort of teaching Permaculture and sustainable living for a wide spread audience as a foundation for a new abondant era in humanity.

      “I still live in a city and aquired about 10ha (around 20 acres?) of terraced farm, in center of Portugal (near Fundão in a valley at south slope of Serra da Gardunha) and want to create a sustainable environment for a small eco-community, including water and energy harvesting, swales and ponds, food forest, chicken, ducks and sheep or goat breeding, using permaculture design.” – Miquel

      “Beautiful! Makes me very excited about the future.” – M. Atkinson

      “i finally found a good source of information on premaculture. was looking for days on internet. cant wait for spring to start gardening again, and to start learning first in my own garden and maybe beyond;-) living in a city in holland so it will be on a small scale. thank you Geoff for teaching us.”

      “Hi, Been researching permaculture for years, Im an avid gardner and a nature science major, I thinking what you are doing is well timed and urgently needed.” – Pascal Ontario, Canada

      “Geoff, Thank you for presenting real answers to real problems. My family has been so inspired by the work that you are doing. We have always seen ourselves as servants to our community. Now through permaculture, we are able to present real solutions that empower people to become free members of society. Do not grow weary in doing the good work!” -Justin and Shawna

      “The video is nicely done as a comprehensive introductory overview of permaculture. I enjoyed it. I’m an urban gardener/agriculturist, and I think permaculture is the way to go—I’d love to see forest gardens everywhere, including my own community garden” – JS Smith

      “Hi Geoff, great video and actually confirming what I’m doing right now and giving me lots of confidence. Thanks.” – Alex

      “This is really exciting! I am so looking forward to hearing about how to choose land as I am planning on buying some land in the Detroit area in the next couple years :) Thank you for your amazing work and service” – Sam

      “Hi Geoff, thank you for the concerned and very loving way you expressed the real possibility to design the survive to the coming crises. Thank you!” – Ebenarini

      “Thanks for all your hard work Geoff for the planet and all living systems on her. You are a true leader of life into the coming age.” – Cecil

      “You’ve given me the motivation to really get started here in south texas, can’t wait for the next installmen”- Gaby

      “Nice cinematography with the aerial shots: the best way to show a Permaculture site! Also a really interesting angle to hook people with the fear of collapse, with the flashy graphics and intense music in the beginning, then transform the vibe into the abundance of Eden. Interesting section where you address people’s fears about hungry hordes looting their system but not being able to interpret the food forest system.” – Andrew

    4. Hi Geoff,

      Respect. The video is great and I reckon in general peoples plant identification skills are so poor that they’d struggle to tell the difference between deadly nightshade and potato plants, let alone be able to identify individual tree species within a food forest!

      The permaculture techniques really do work and they do favour the creation of top soil and retention of water in the landscape. The other thing I’m observing here is that, over time there is less work for me to do and the systems themselves become more robust to environmental shocks like droughts and floods and yet produce more at the same time. As an observation from this location (cool temperate), the food forest is more productive in drier times than in excessively wet years.

      Again, much respect.


    5. Jeff,
      Much gratitude! Im excited to be looking for a property and learning how to do this up here in the N MN midwest region. Looking for your checklist for buying property. Thank you so much for giving us a clear system, in balance with nature, humanity, plants, animals. This gives me hope that we can each made a bit of difference and avert global catastrophe.

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