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Seeds of Permaculture Trailer

While working as a site manager at a startup permaculture education center in Thailand I had the unique opportunity to participate in the filming of a documentary film about permaculture and, in particular, the education center I was helping to create. This film is now moments away from having an opportunity to be distributed internationally… but it needs one final push to make it!

The film, ‘Seeds of Permaculture‘, is in the final stage of fundraising to finish production to be released to the world for free. Because this is an educational documentary, the implications of free, solutions-based education on one of the most significant problems confronting our world today, has the potential to help hundreds of thousands of people around the world live better lives. As you all likely know, this is a very important aim of mine and something I have dedicated my life to.

There are only three days left to fund this documentary, to ensure this film is able to reach and help as many people as possible around the world!

Please watch the documentary trailer above, and donate here! (and look for my appearance in the trailer at minute 1:45!).

Thank you again for all your support! If this documentary is successfully funded there is a strong likelihood that I will have the opportunity to play a much larger role in future documentaries, including an Urban Permaculture sequel to this film! Help me share the abundance of permaculture design. Please share this video with your friends and family and let’s make permaculture a household name!

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