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Aidan Dwyer: Better Solar Designs From Pattern Observation

13-year old Aidan Dwyer designed a more efficient model for solar power by studying Fibonacci sequences. Today, he divides his time between junior high and collaborations with research organizations like the University of Madison’s Resilience Research Center. — YouTube


  1. Thanks Scott. Interesting. Not being a solar/electrical expert, I didn’t pick up on that. Still, I give the little guy major credit for his observational and research skills.


    See link above. Though sadly it looks like MIT & Harvard are playing some sort of game of politics with this scientist. He is using water, yet he is also discussing trees and even in his simulation he sets his device in a tree like a leaf.

    So our little scientist either tapped into Jung’s Universal Consciousness/ the Holographic Uniberse or is on the right track.


  3. What a bright young man and a great research project to boot. The tree designs (shown in the city artists impression)has great potential.

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