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Tell US Congress: It’s Time To Label GMOs

We’re fast approaching a tipping point on the labeling of genetically engineered foods. With California’s proposition 37 coming before voters November 6, and with 91% of the American public supporting the right to know, we’ve decided that now is a perfect time to launch a national petition to Congress.

We want OUR version of a REAL labeling bill, not a bogus one created by Monsanto.

Sign the petition here:

We’re teaming up with Care2 (the world’s largest online petition community), the Food Revolution Network, and a growing coalition of organizations, in demanding labeling of genetically engineered foods. Americans deserve the right to know, and we’re calling for Congress to take action.

Will you join us by telling your friends and helping to promote this petition using social networking? For social media, a post can be as simple as: "Tell US Congress: Label genetically engineered food".

If you have a website and want to post a widget so people can sign the petition on your site, see the widget on the right sidebar of this PRI Australia site — at bottom of the widget it says ‘grab this widget’.

Thank you for taking action for the right to know. Working together, we can and will change the game for ourselves and for future generations.

Thank you.

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  1. Yesterday a friend informed me that labeling GMOs is on the ballot in Washington State as well. I am a bit surprised not to have seen that in American media. But I am most surprised that I never see from the foremost anti-GMO proponents a COMPLETE LIST of all the countries, counties & municipalities that have banned and/or legally limited GMOs in some way. Sometimes you see *more than forty* coutries and I have read that planting GMOs is banned in *some* states & *some* Counties – such as Marin County, California. Please move the complete roster forward in anti-GMO public relations.

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