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Growing BIG Vegetables Using Compost Tea


  1. Not in Alaska but close…

    “Now, in this year 1867
    […]the children were back with the provisions, ham and salt beef, cut in appetizing slices,
    not forgetting a few of those wonderful outgrowths of Californian vegetation, heads of cabbage grown on tree-like stalks,
    potatoes as large as melons, carrots half a yard long[…]

    […]Too great emphasis could not be laid on the vegetative power of that Californian soil, to which no other can be compared.
    It is the granary of the Pacific, and the merchant navy, that takes its produce away, cannot exhaust it.[…]
    The wealth of the Californian soil is not the gold it contains, it is the marvelous vegetation it brings forth.[…]”

    Jules Verne – Cesar Cascabel

  2. Nice quote Daniel. So sad that soil has been squandered. Not enough people realise that the biggest theft we’re making from future generations is in regards to soil fertility, without which we have nothing.

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