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Watch ‘Genetic Roulette’ Documentary Online Today

Last night I watched ‘Genetic Roulette’ online (trailer above). You can watch it for a paltry US$2.99 — or, better yet, add a little more as a donation, and you’ll help to get this important information much further, by subsidising its translation into many other languages, so people worldwide can learn of the dangers inherent in genetically engineering our food.

I won’t spoil your viewing experience by telling you too much, but you’ll learn about how the FDA ignored repeated warnings by their own scientists of the dangers of allowing these organisms into the food chain, and you’ll hear doctors and scientists explaining how they are linked to a massive rise in health issues — this rise beginning at the same time as their release. You’ll learn about issues farmers have faced worldwide, with their GMO-fed livestock going sterile and suffering a myriad otherwise inexplicable problems, and which ‘miraculously’ vanished after reverting to a non-GMO diet. You’ll meet scientists who have dared to stand up to Monsanto, and who have been fired for it, and you’ll learn how our Monsanto-financed universities are becoming academic puppets for BigBiotech.

This is a must-watch documentary which should serve to infuriate viewers into tossing GMOs out of their kitchens and shopping trolleys, with the huge potential for this to translate to lost market share for supermarket chains who will feel the pressure to also boycott these ‘products’. If we can get as little as five percent of the US population avoiding GMOs, then we could see the beginning of the end for this industry — an industry which, to me, is the ultimate representation of capitalism run amuck (and along the lines of ‘industries’ like Academi, formerly known as Blackwater, and Xe Industries).

Watch Genetic Roulette Now!

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