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Political Support Builds for Law of Ecocide

On Sunday Polly travelled down to Bristol to speak at the Annual Green Party Conference about the law of Ecocide and how it will trigger a green economy. She was absolutely delighted to arrive and be told that the Party had in fact already voted in favour of supporting the law of Ecocide the day before.

It was a day of celebrations; Natalie Bennet has taken over as their new leader and many members were eager to discuss further plans for taking the law of Ecocide (see here and here) to Green Parties elsewhere.

The Green Party believes that the international legal framework should include so-called "third generation" rights. These are not individual rights but they concern matters which affect us all. They include the right to a healthy environment. An international law of Ecocide enshrines these rights in law and will lead to government policies which put people and planet first.

The motion passed was (PDF):

The Green Party of England and Wales gives its wholehearted support for an international law of Ecocide — a crime against nature, humanity and future generations — to be established and recognised as an International Crime Against Peace.

For us, support by a UK political party is indicative of what is possible worldwide; other parties can do the same too. A law of Ecocide is a law that speaks to all parties and people who put people and planet first. Earlier this year Oxford City Council also passed a motion to support a law of Ecocide. If you are a member of a political party, or a member of an NGO, you too can propose the same motion. We have template motions for councillors and templates for constituents to address their councils available on our website.

Please lets us know if you do!

With hope,

from the Earth’s legal team.

P.S. Contribute to the Earth’s legal defense here.

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