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Vandana Shiva and Geoff Lawton Talk Together About Freeing the Seed

Regular readers will know we are doing what we can to support Vandana Shiva‘s "Occupy the Seed" campaign, running between 2 — 16 October, 2012. This worthy "Seed Freedom Fortnight of Action" is a call to respect and liberate the world’s seeds and to maximise their diversity — there being the very basis of our existence, and an absolute wonder of biological ‘magic’ in their own right. On Wednesday September 5th, as an act of solidarity of purpose between the Permaculture Research Institute and Vandana Shiva’s Navdanya Network (an organisation that has to date successfully conserved more than 5000 crop varieties), Geoff and Vandana talked together on how we can recreate a more successful and healthy world through increased diversity, in contrast to the systematic biodiversity loss currently seen through the reductionist systems of Big Agri. Take a watch, and be sure to get involved!


  1. great to see u guys talking together …we are all together in this…. and its good to celebrate that we still have the seed to save and the abundance of nature in our lives…. and so many working so hard to find solutions to balance our lives with nature and educate ourselves …I thank both of you for your work.I love u Vedana Shiva for your powerful eloquence and affirmation of out right to live. Goeff … your work in systems management is amazing and will truly bring even more abundance to the earth. Love and peace to both of you Sam

  2. Tremendously important issue of our times.

    I couldn’t agree more with the characterisation given, industrial agriculture has a model of scarcity whilst ecologically sensitive agriculture has a model of abundance.

    I hope others see the danger we are facing and confront that fear with positive action. Save seeds, promote the speciation of plants, appropriate to each climate, and share the wealth.

  3. I also couldn’t agree more with you. I love the work that you’re doing Dr. Shiva and Geoff. I’m also already saving all my seeds from the garden.

    Greeting from the Netherlands (Europe).

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