Jordan PDC and Jordan Internship (October, November, 2012) – Only a Few Seats Left

The triangular shaped ‘Greening the Desert – the Sequel’ site,
a two-year comparison.

Photographs © Craig Mackintosh

The next Jordan PDC course run by the PRI starts on October 27, 2012 and runs for 14 days. There are still a few places available for this awesome ‘two-thirds world’ permaculture experience.

The next Jordan Internship starts 10 November, 2012 and runs for 27 days. The internship is almost full, but there are still a few places left.

These courses run concurrently and are very special events as Geoff and Nadia Lawton will be teaching at the Jordan Valley Permaculture Project (aka ‘Greening the Desert, the sequel’ site) for two weeks and directly following that the internship is an action packed 27 days.

We will be building a small swale as a demonstration of water harvesting in dry lands, and then we will then go on to work on a desert home garden establishment. We will also work on the local school garden project and show how a school garden can be established and influence a local community and extend permaculture out from there.

We will then be building from scratch wicking beds from recycled materials and putting them into operation as an ideal minimum water use, desert, small space gardening system.

We will also look at setting up a greywater reed bed system for biological cleaning of waste grey water from houses and cleaning it so that it is saved back to the garden.

We will set up a solar powered system with the latest technology solar components and a stand-alone battery bank. The connection back to the grid will be next to the system so that we can switch on the system when we like for extra electricity use or large project work and then switch back to the battery bank for the majority of the time. Our advance solar electricity systems are Compound Thin-Film CIS (Copper Indium Selenium) solar panels.

We will then set up an aquaponics system using recycled materials, using Murray Hallam’s system.

We will be teaching how to make compost and making compost tea and bio fertilizer — a probiotic fertilizer for the soil — and we have a great opportunity to work in Amman setting up a mandala garden within a local community garden system. This is a beautiful system in an inner capital city community garden, demonstrating the use of productive permaculture patterning.

Click here to book for the PDC, and here for the Internship!

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