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South East Asian Permaculture Convergence, 19-22 November 2012, Hong Kong

We are pleased to announce the launch of the South East Asian Permaculture Convergence official website.

We are very glad to have Rosemary Morrow (Rowe) being the patron of this important permaculture event for the region — please click here for a warm welcome from Rowe.

This first convergence for the region is a call, and a place, where South East Asian permaculturists will have rich opportunities to hear from some of our best people, to learn what we have been achieving, experience innovations, what our thinkers are thinking, and our activists have been doing, and to celebrate permaculture history in our region. We will be able to share discussions, experiences and questions, and to build our network for future contacts and support. We treasure the opportunity for organizing this meaningful event, and we would welcome every permaculturist joining as a participant, a speaker, or to run a workshop, and/or as a supporter. We will constantly update the programme, so please revisit the website regularly.

We would be grateful for your help to spread the news.

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