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Second Annual Nordic Permaculture Festival

Last year saw the creation of the Nordic Permaculture Festival in Denmark. The idea is to have the festival alternate between each of the Nordic Countries. This year’s Festival occurred from August 23 – 26, 2012, at Angsbacka, a course farm, located in central Sweden. Over 300 participants attended the festival.

There were a large variety of planned and unplanned workshops, held both outdoors and indoors. These workshops included, Introduction to Permaculture Principles and Ethics, Building a Rocket Mass Heater, held over several days, Leadership in a Changing World, Creating a Food Forest, a Wild Nutrition and Edible Plant walk, Building a Geodesic Dome, Building and Using Top-Bar Bee Hives… — the list goes on and on and I wish I could list them all. The workshop leaders (including this author) and participants co-created a wonderful event.

It was a inspiring and rainy four days. This world of permaculture is quite small, especially here in the Nordic countries. It was so nice to meet others, from both nearby locations to those living in one of the neighboring Nordic countries, who also share a passion for permaculture. The planning has already started for next year’s event, which may be held in Norway. I hope to see you there.


  1. Great to see this happening in Sweden! I lived in Lund, in the south, for 2.5 years and there was almost no permaculture profile at all. Even the local organic shop owner said that permaculture was a “backyard” thing only and not really suitable for Sweden. I have to say though the climate there is very challenging for growing things, I find it hard enough in New Zealand through the wettest August in years. I wish them all the best of luck, I loved the country and its people :)

  2. Is there anywhere we can find information about next years event? I’ve never heard of the nordic permaculture festival, but I’d love to come next year.

  3. Hej Ingrid
    The norwegians said they will arrange next years festival. No date nor place has been choosen so chech out in a couple of months.
    This years festival was great. Last years festival was great. I am longing for a permaculture festival in Norway. Many who came were also totally new to the subject. They left with inspirations and handson experience. The festival I think is very powerful tornado of positive change. It goes back to ancient technology of people meeting people.
    See you next year, Ingrid.

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