Please Help a Permaculturist in Trouble – Update

Tiny Eglington, who has been hospitalised in the Riverside Medical Centre, in Bacolod, in the Philippines for an infection is his leg, is now conscious and out of the Intensive Care Unit. Three days after Geoff’s post, PRI had raised $2174.01 which was sent to Tiny. This was enough funds for him to buy blood and have a small operation on his leg — and the good news is that they will not have to amputate. Since the 13th of August PRI has raise another $645.31, which will be sent along with any other funds to Tiny on Friday the 24th of August.

His original medical bill is still outstanding and insurmountable for Tiny. And although his hospital bill is continuing to rise we are hoping to have enough funds to get him well enough to fly home. Tiny now knows what you have all donated and appreciates what everyone has done, more than each of you will ever know. It saved his leg after all! So thank you to all who contributed!

Tiny still has a long way to go and even once well enough to return home, a huge medical bill will await him. If you would like to make a donation, please do so via any of the means listed here. (Be sure to enter a note mentioning ‘For Tiny Eglington’, and if you’re not sure, just email office (at) after making your deposit, letting us know the amount and by what medium you sent it.)

100% of funds donated through PRI go to Tiny!

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  1. Latest news: Tiny’s foot injury for which many of our subscribers have assisted in the recovery is now about 98% healed. But, unfortunately there have been subsequent non related health complications.

    Tiny sends a sincere and deeply felt “thank you” to everyone in the Permaculture family who have assisted.

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