Permaculture Business Startup Scholarships 2012

PCBW is offering its first round of Permaculture Startup Business Scholarships for 2012. We offer two Diversity Coaching scholarships per year as a part of our business ethics and return of surplus back into the community. The first scholarship is in January and the second in July each year.

Since we only launched PCBW last month, there’s no better time to get started. Submissions are now being accepted prior to the scholarship starting in September 2012. This is open to anyone, anywhere on planet earth.

The scholarship has a value of $2354.26 AUD (no cash redeemable). The deadline for submission is 30th of August 2012 at 12pm UTC+10 (Sydney, Australia time). On the 7th of September the chosen recipient will be notified by email.

Criteria for the Scholarship Award: Diversity Coaching Scholarship #1

Note: This scholarship is via an Internet connection for VoIP (Skype meetings). No in person meeting will transpire unless you’re happy to travel to my office.

  1. Follow this link for details about the scholarship that is on offer.
  2. Read our terms and conditions to find out more about the Diversity Coaching package that the scholarship is based on.
  3. Ok, now your ready to submit your application for Diversity Coaching Scholarship # 1. Follow the link to our enrollment page. Fill out all the details thoroughly in all the sections provided. We will only except applicants who are highly motivated and inspired by what they can potentially create. We will be taking the time to read your application, so please take the time to give as much detail as possible to make your application a success. If you find you can’t fit in all the detail you want or you have a business plan, please attach it in the file drop at the bottom of the enrollment page.
  4. Final step, at the very bottom where you will find a drop-down menu titled "Please select the coaching you are interested in." Select option 6, "Scholarship", then click send. By clicking send, you acknowledge and fully understand the terms and conditions of the scholarship.

If you have any questions regarding the scholarship. Please email Nick Huggins: info (at)


  1. Greetings,

    What a fabulous idea this is an very generous as well. I see this scholarship was for 2012. Do you have any other scholarships available for 2013/2014? I would love to enter my application. I’ve been following your videos quite often and you are very inspirational.

    Many blessings,

    Ashley Moore

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