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The REAL Green Revolution In Africa: Permaculture in Zimbabwe With Julious Piti

by Sustainable World Radio

Julious Piti is a Permaculture designer and teacher, organic farmer, and conflict facilitator based in Zimbabwe. Julious has been using permaculture in Africa to restore the health of both land and community. A founding member of the Chikukwa Ecological Land Trust (CELUCT) and now the Director of PORET (Participatory Organic Research Extension and Training), Julious’ work shows that degraded land can be transformed. PORET supports farmers in dry-land areas and works to address hunger, malnutrition, and poverty. In 2007, PORET won the Zimbabwe National Environmental Award.

Click play to hear the interview!

Interview with Julius Piti


  1. How do I contact Julius? I am currently in Tanzania and would like to start working with primary schools to introduce the concepts of permaculture…they are facing rapid deforestation issues here due to the use of firewood and charcoal for cooking, as well as unsustainable agricultural practices

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