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Keyline Systems at Seven Seeds Farm, Oregon (video)

Permaculture seed wizard Don Tipping takes us on a 10 minute animated tour of the epic Seven Seeds Farm in the Siskiyou Mountains of Southern Oregon, USA. The farm was designed using permaculture principles and keyline patterning. We follow the water system from top to bottom, and then the amazing downstream effects are revealed. This video was produced by Andrew Millison as part of the course content for his online Advanced Permaculture Design Practicum, Hort 485, taught through the Horticulture department at Oregon State University’s Extended Campus.


  1. thats fantastic – can i ask – what fish do you have in the aquaculture set up and what do they eat?

    anyone else – we are looking at yabbies and marron but id like fish as well. in the area i live in silver perch are recommended as hardy and will work here – im just troubled by the aspects of feeding fish as i want to do it sustainably – suggestions?

  2. Your timing is exquisite with this article and video! We are moving from Arizona to Southern Oregon, subject to a satisfactory home inspection on Monday. Will definitely follow this up.

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