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Village Repair: Permaculture Design Maquettes for Small Towns and Villages

by Delvin Solkinson

Download the free, open source printable files for 3 placemaking worksheets here :

The Village Repair branch of Gaiacraft is a local grassroots initiative growing in the mossy cedar rainforests of Mt. Elphinstone, British Columbia, Canada. In the Heart Gardens and surrounding downtown core of our coastal village, a unique community comes together to build foundations for a regenerative future. Here we can see social permaculture vignettes intended to inspire creative placemaking in small towns and villages around the world. Village Repair focusses on creating relationships, gathering places and habitat that promotes healthy interactions between people, animals, birds, reptiles, insects, plants, fungi and all other living and non-living links in the ecological community. As an activated social permaculture program and transition initiative, Village Repair hopes to inspire communities to redesign their own neighbourhoods into thriving, abundant and diverse ecosystems which support the web of life for all living and non-living things. Visioned by Delvin and designed by Lunaya, this community media platform includes a team of visionaries and new thinkers, artists and activists, conscious businesses and cultural creatives. Gratitude to Mia Van Meter, Eddit Hooker, and Mark Lakeman of City Repair in Portland for creating the placemaking movement that has wholeheartedly inspired this media platform.

Delvin Solkinson

Delvin is a PRI Registered Teacher and has lived the Permaculture lifestyle for quite a number of years. After running an ecological gardening business for 7 years to pay his way through university he discovered Permaculture and it was love at first sight. Dedicated to life-long learning he has continually taken regular permaculture classes, courses, workshops, and teacher trainings since that first day. He has co-organized two planetary permaculture pilgrimage to do back to back advanced trainings. The first in 2011 in Australia to study with Rosemary Morrow, Geoff Lawton, David Holmgren and Robyn Clayfield. The second in 2015 to the UK and Greece to study with Rosemary Morrow, Looby Macnamara, Robina McCurdy, Peter Cow and Robin Clayfield. For more about Delvin or to get in contact with him, please visit his World Permaculture Network Profile.


  1. Yo Delvin,
    This is awesome! Thanks for sharing this, I’d love to use these placemaking docs in my classes. Hope you’re well!

  2. I cannot access the PDF link, not the website. Is the server up. Is there another way to access?

  3. Hi Marilyn

    Their server is down. I’ve put the file on our server, so you can now access via the link at top.

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