Foodscaping: Reap What You Sow

I thought you might be interested in this short news segment which recently aired nationally on the ‘America Now’ news network in the USA, featuring yours truly:

Check out the lengthy disclaimer given by the TV hosts at the end of the segment (morbidly fascinating), though I especially like the permaculture plugs given by the reporter "look up your local permaculturist in the White Pages" and "or with a quick Google search, you can join the global Permablitz movement"….

Permaculture goin’ mainstream, one small news story at a time.

Since I have your attention, if you’re looking to take a PDC on Oahu’s North Shore this August, be sure to check out our upcoming course! (July 30 — August 12, 2012.)


  1. Yes, morbidly fascinating indeed! It’s funny how they can give a disclaimer about growing your own food — it almost leads one to intuitively think that it’s safer to leave it to ‘the experts’ (because BigAgribusiness never use harmful chemicals or contaminated land…).

  2. whats funny about their disclaimer is that its not really true. Sure sometimes plants pull up SOME metals and chemicals, but not all and not easily.

    I know I am preaching to the choir here. Seems to me if you are providing “news” you should at least check you facts and not spout a bunch of anecdotal info, unfortunately some folks take what news shows say as fact. Double bad if it is downright wrong.

  3. Craig, how can you, as you say, “inspire, share, and show each other better ways of doing things” when you take shots at the mainstream? Better to encourage them rather than criticize them. Suggesting that you get your soil tested is not such a bad idea in the world we live in.

  4. I have loved all your stuff so far but I cant believe you guys are promote the use of old tiers to grow food in especially root crops, They leach really bad chemicals like Cadmium and lead etc people need to stop telling people to use them we should know better by now I have been pulling people up on this for about 20 years, please stop.

  5. “Designer becomes the recliner”. Nice.

    Mainstream it may be, but it’s a good way for to connect to a mainstream audience and it’s a good video for me to share with my friends who may not be as passionate about Permaculture as I am.

  6. Realistically, your idea about growing root crops (sweet potatoes) in tyres/tires has absolutely no merit and will likely result in some contamination of the food.

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