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APC11 Presentation: Regenerative Agriculture, A Case Study – by Dan Palmer

Dan Palmer, of VeryEdibleGardens (VEG), gives an interesting look at the basis of Regenerative Agriculture, and how it applies in practice — sharing his experiences consulting for a 10-acre property about 2.5 hours northeast of Melbourne, Victoria.

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  1. Thought I’d make a quick note that there are better places to learn about regenerative agriculture than this presentation, such as its founders which can be tracked down via such sites as,,, and Second, let me correct at least one error in my presentation (and beware there may be others): Col Seis runs sheep not cattle on his place (see Third, the source acknowledgement text is hard to read in the video, but thanks to Kirk Gadzia and Darren Doherty for photos and slides they kindly shared with me.

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