Permaculture Film On Demand in Hilton Resorts

An inspiring documentary film featuring permaculture in rural Tanzania will be available to watch for free ‘on demand’ in Hilton and Waldorf Astoria Hotels and Resorts all over the world.

“From the Mara Soil,” directed by Steve Schrenzel and produced by Global Resource Alliance, Inc., was one of five films selected by a partnership between the Sundance Institute and Hilton Worldwide to receive the 2012 Hilton Worldwide LightStay Sustainability Award. The LightStay Sustainability Fund and Award recognizes films that heighten sustainability awareness. “From the Mara Soil” was selected from more than 5,000 short film entries for the Sundance Film Festival.

“From the Mara Soil” examines the possibility of simple, natural and alternative approaches to addressing poverty in sub-Saharan Africa through the portrayal of nonprofit Global Resource Alliance’s programs in permaculture, solar cooking, herbal medicine and well drilling in Tanzania.

The film was also selected for “Best Sustainable Practices Film” at the 2011 Green Screen Environmental Film Festival in Santa Monica, CA and “Best Short Documentary Film” at the 2012 Peace on Earth Film Festival in Chicago, IL.

The entire film can be seen on Global Resource Alliance’s website, globalresourcealliance.org.


  1. It’s great what can be done naturally with the knowledge of permaculture and the use of plants as medicine and tonics to boost the health of people of poor countries that can also be used by affluent peoples to save them selves from poor quality factory foods that fill the belly but starves the body and creates just as much sicknes as in poor countries Three cheers for permaculture

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