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International Permaculture Day, Sunday the 6th May, 2012

Celebrates all things permaculture around the world. Get involved with International Permaculture Day!

Permaculture in Ecuador

The Permaculture Day concept is one that celebrates all things permaculture around the world on the same day or weekend, if possible. The events are hosted and funded by local permaculture people, groups or businesses with the benefits accruing to your local area whilst spreading the word about permaculture. By coordinating the events worldwide at the same time we want to present a unified face to the broader community and show just how innovative, productive and fun permaculture events and projects can be.

Permaculture is a design system for creating sustainable human environments. It is about designing households and communities that are productive, sustaining and largely self reliant and have minimal impact on the environment.

The Permaculture Day is evolving from an initiative in Australia that started in 2009. Events can consist of: workshops, talks, site tours, shows, films or even permablitzes. They can take place wherever you are, with whatever resources you have access to. For ideas see the website at where you can access downloads and information relevant for a successful day. For internationally relevant resources please follow this link.

Add your event to the website

This year we want to expand the day internationally. Everyone can now add your international events to the website, by clicking on the ‘Add Your Event’ tab on the top of the page and select the location as international. Are you able to host an event this year? If there are any questions please contact National Permaculture Day through the website Let’s get the permaculture word out all over the world and make it a day of positive action for people and planet.

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