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Mediterranean Permaculture Practitioners Come Together for the First Time! (Marmariç, Turkey, July 2012)

The PDC graduates of the Mediterranean and the Middle-east will converge for the first gathering specifically for this region. This event will make possible the initiation of networking and sharing of knowledge & experiences for the region. The Mediterranean is one zone where we need this collaboration desperately; in response to severe soil loss due to population pressures, land/water mismanagement and climatic issues.

Sharing, documenting and database building for successes and failures in the region is a main theme for the convergence, taking place in Marmariç, Turkey between 17-21st of July 2012.

PRI Turkey will be hosting two other major events right before the Convergence:

Permaculture Design Certificate Course

Istanbul is getting ready to host another Permaculture Design Certificate course on 30 June-12 July, 2012. From climate to shelter, food to energy use, this 72-hour course will cover everything concerning sustainable human settlement design. Mustafa F. Bakir and Rhamis Kent will offer insight into the basics of permaculture and contribute to the emergence of competent permaculture designers and trainers.

Mediterranean Regional Permaculture Conference

The 1st Mediterranean Regional Permaculture Conference will be held on the 14th of July 2012 in Istanbul; at the multiple edge of continents, climates and cultures. A line-up of permaculture practitioners working in the Mediterranean and the Middle-east will showcase their work in relation to the conference theme: Soil. Attendance at this first time event will be free of charge.

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  1. > Attendance at this first time event will be free of charge.

    I like this idea.
    So everyone in doubt can see what he/she will buy.


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