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Trellises For Your Summer Food Crops

If you are thinking of planting tomatoes, cucumbers, winter squash, peas, beans or any vining plant, it’s worth considering growing them vertically to save space in your annual garden area.

Permaculture principles urge us to create no waste and to find multiple functions for whatever we do.

Instead of rushing to your garden center to purchase ready made products, there are many innovative and ecological ways to help your plants grow to their best, and to save space while keeping your produce off the ground and more protected from predators and rot.

The Native Americans used the 3-sisters method, growing beans, corn and squash together. The beans climb up the corn and the squash spreads out to create ground cover. However, if you want to save space you might be advised to use alternative ground cover and help your viners trail upwards.

Four ideas for trellises

Watch this video for inspiration on how you can use different materials and designs to make your own climbing trellises for veggies:

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