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  1. It should be titled: Trivialising an issue to divert attention from the real crux.

    First frame: Jeez Ernl, this central bank system makes money, the means of exchange, from thin air and lends it to governments and the people at interest
    Ernl: Yes, marvellous isn’t it!

    2nd Frame: What? You’re happy this system makes debt slaves out of humanity?
    Ernl: I wear a collar, tie and cuffs on my shirt for a reason, if the collar and cuffs were made of iron, and my tie made of chain it might be more obvious.

    3rd frame: Ernl, it’s worse than personal slavery, they withdraw the credit to crash the system so they can buy up global infrastructure at pennies on the dollar, soon they’ll have every country tied into their central banking cabal and own the whole world, this is global slavery!
    Ernl: Hmmm, but I get these huge bonuses for my part why should I care, besides people don’t have to live in a central banking cabal owned country, they can always move to Libya, Syria, or Iran.

    4th frame: Ernl you seem to have missed the news that within 3 weeks of the OTPOR trained “revolution” Libya joined the central banking cabal while NATO were still bombing the people, and the propaganda war is already pointing to Iran and Syria as the next targets!
    Ernl: Hmmm, when they succeed in total global domination will I get a bigger bonus?

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